Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Top 75 LibDem Blogs

Here are the first ten of the Top 75 LibDem Blogs. For the full list click HERE.

1 Charlotte Gore
2 (1) LibDem Voice
3 Himmelgarten Cafe
4 (3) Norfolk Blogger
5 Mark Reckons
6 Liberal Vision
7 (44) Caron's Musings
8 (5) Liberal England
9 (2) People's Republic of Mortimer
10 (4) Quaequam Blog

This list is the result of more than 1,500 people who voted in the Total Politics Annual Blog Poll during the second half of July.

Click on the blog to visit it. For a full list of all 190 LibDem blogs click HERE.

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All these lists, together with articles from leading blog commentators, will be published in the TOTAL POLITICS GUIDE TO POLITICAL BLOGGING, which will be published in mid September at £12.99. You can preorder your copy HERE.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe it. Awesome! :)

Thanks very much!!

Haribo said...

Wooo yah! Go us @ Liberal Vision!

Anonymous said...

Mr Dale there seems to be more lib dem blogs than they have MPs , quite strange that .

keep up the good work xxxxx

Newmania said...

I Look at Charlotte Gore's blog sometimes and the problem is she adopts a Libertarian stance but as Liberal belongs to a Party which criticised New Labour from the left.
This renders the entire excercise rather dishonest. Thats the Liberal for you " The answer is yes now whats the question ? "

Anonymous said...

LD are a wasted vote! Like wasted Blog space as well.

All LD ever seem to do is attack the Tories, seems perverse to me as it is Labour with the help of LD who have kept the Tories parliamentry numbers down in pacts that have let Labour get away with creating the mess this country finds itself.

At the next election Labour and LD need punishing in equal measure! LD are also pious and make partisan points out of expenses when they have Rennard a prime example of not so noble Sleaze and of course the LD in 2005 accepting a donation acquired from the proceeds of crime. The LD refuse to give the £2.4M back saying they have done nothing wrong - this is wrong and extreame.
The Innocent victims have done nothing wrong and want there money back! The LD deserving wiping out for the way they behave on this issue alone before you count taking politics into the gutter as they do. That is why i have started an independent campaign to oust LD MPs and prevent LD candidates getting elected. Such a pious and two faced party does not deserve to exist. They are the Del Trotter of Politics - the Yellow Relieant Robin vehicle pictured here: http://tinyurl.com/nduzkj is symbolic of their political contribution!

Anonymous said...

Why are you linking to Lib dem voice for teh full ist.. Did you link to the other parties for their respective list, or are they in need of a boost in traffic? lol

Haribo said...

Newmania and "Labour = Liberal Democrat" - your wonderfully amusing tribal, reactionary posts are a timely reminder of how the right have stolen "libertarian" as much as socialists have stolen "liberal". Thanks for providing such timely evidence, guys.

Anonymous said...

Are there 75 LibDems?

Dick the Prick said...

No way are there 75 of them. Are you sure there's ever been any posts on them?

Mark Thompson said...

Thanks to all who voted for me!

Moderniser said...

Good to see Liberal Vision so high.

Anonymous said...

The list points to an incorrect URL on my end?

"Here are the first ten of the Top 75 LibDem Blogs. For the full list click HERE."

It goes to Lib Dem Voice?

Pam Nash said...

Re anon at 11.31

Shane Greer just Tweeted that the TP website is down, amazingly a BT Internet prob, which is probably why the link is to Lib Dem Voice.

Cardiff Blogger said...

Has Lib Dem Voice hacked into Iain's blogger account?

Thomas Rossetti said...

I'm surprised there are as many as 75 Lib Dem blogs. Am I alone?

Anonymous said...

Amazing how there are so many snide comments about there being more Lib Dem blogs than there are MPs; I wonder if they're being made by the "Libertarians", of whom there are more bloggers than there are people who actually vote for them. Just a thought.

Also, while it's patent that the votes have been gamed by the right somewhat (how else do you explain Ms. Gore at 1 and LV at 6), at least both those blogs have plenty worthwhile to say. Irfan's inane yapping at 20 and the illiterate ramblings from "The Speaker" at 49 could only have earned their places due to mischief-making.

Libertarian said...

@Julian H

Oh Please do join the rest of us in 21st century.

Left and right is so 19thC.

It won't be long before the merger of the Liberal Democrat and what's left of the Labour Party into one middle class guilt trip/nanny knows best tiny pressure group

Max Atkinson said...

I was very surprised to see my blog at 56th in this list, as it's (correctly) not included in the Total Politics list of Lib Dem blogs but is (also correctly) included in their list of 'non-aligned' blogs.

Presumably votes must have come from people who remember my involvement as speech advisor/writer/coach to Paddy Ashdown and think I carried on with all the leaders since then.

For the record, none of his successors has thought that they needed any help from me. As my blog does indeed do its best to be 'non-aligned', I couldn't possibly comment on whether or not I think Messrs Kennedy, Campbell and Clegg have been correct in their judgement on this particular matter.

The Grim Reaper said...

Charlotte Gore also doubles up as the sexiest political blogger around, in my opinion.

*waits for some troll to come along and accuse me of being sexist*

Dick Puddlecote said...

Interesting list. Are the Lib Dems listening to the (successful) liberal section of their party, though?

Haribo said...

"Libertarian", your point would be valid (I do try to avoid left-right as much as possible) if you hadn't then resorted to a party-tribal argument that makes you seem rather prone to false dichotomies yourself.

Ian Thorpe said...

You mean there are 75 people prepared to out themselves as Liberal Democrats by writing blogs.