Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Your Mandate list the Top 7 Unguarded Moments of politicians.
2. Tory Rascal has a sneek preview of Labour's conference agenda.
3. Our Kingdom diagnoses what's wrong with the LibDems.
4. Red Rag analyses the travails of Baroness Scotland.
5. Nigel Evans MP on how to breathe new life into farming.
6. Paul Linford on the lost albums of Paddy Mac.
7. Paul Waugh on Ed Miliband's sibling loyalty.
8. A LibDem Voice writer supports an English Parliament.
9. Charlotte Gore on Nick Clegg's move towards the Tories.
10. Simon Fletcher says 'move along now, nothing to see here'.
11. Norfolk Blogger loves Iain D...
12. on the woes of the Irish No Campaign.


Tapestry said...

Irish referndum is same as last time. False polls begetting false betting. Those on the street are confident of a NO. PB got it wrong last time and are about to repeat their error. Smithson doesn't get Ireland.

Or maybe he's a sold out EUtopian.

rob's uncle said...

Re 'a sneek preview': I suggest 'sneak': ‘ . . sneak preview orig. U.S., a showing of a (usually unnamed) cinematic film prior to regular release, to test audience reaction; also transf. and fig.
1949 Sun (Baltimore) 28 Jan. 13/4 (Advt.), Sneak preview tonight at 11.40 p.m. Even though the producers say we mustn't tell we can hint it' of the funniest comedies you've ever seen!
. . 1980 Times Lit. Suppl. 12 Sept. 990/2 This selection brings together poems from all five of her [sc. P. Beer's] published collections, plus a satisfying sneak preview of what one hopes will be her sixth.’[OED]

Paul Linford said...

Ta for link Iain. Be interesting to see how many Prefab Sprout fans read your blog...or mine for that matter!