Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What People Really Thought of Gordon's Speech


OscottLocal said...

So thats three angry people, wow that must be hard to find. We can all play this game, just the other day i met some bloke down the pub who said Cameron is a toad and wouldn't vote Tory if you paid him to. This really is the worst kind of lazy journalism, how many did they interview to get these comments?

Demetrius said...

Didn't listen, it was all too predictable. But who wrote it? What was their purpose? Will anyone take a blind bit of notice outside the media and politico's? Hasn't anyone noticed the huge chasm of contact and understanding between the political elite and ordinary people of all classes?

Stepney said...


And if you get the proper equipment use a bloody dead cat too.

Rob said...

Good enough to fight the next election, but not good enough to win it! Failed to tell the country where the money for his lavish promises would come from. Lack of any acknowledgement that serious cuts in public spending are needed. Maybe leading the party but certainly not the country. Last throw of the dice. Just some of the ideas out there about our beleaguered and embattled PM. More of my thoughts here.

Anonymous said...

What is the point of this?

Sky News Mindtracker is a much better indicator of Browns speech.

ScotsToryB said...

Anonymong 2, or was it three?
Who cares?

'Sky News Mindtracker'.

Go see what Prodicus had to say about that(no linkie try googlie).


benevetts said...

Interesting that the bulk of the comments seemed to be that they won't vote Labour because they think it represents business, not the common man.

Ok, I realise that the profiling is going to be weird since most people are at work on a Weds afternoon but it raises the odd possibility that we are going to see a right wing leader elected on the back of rising left wing feeling.

Will the Tory conference delegates be referring to each other as 'comrade' now I wonder?

Anonymous said...

OscottLocal said... ‘So thats three angry people…’ Well I counted five, though none seemed particularly angry. Are you the product of a New Labour education?

Demetrius said... ‘Didn't listen, it was all too predictable.’ If you didn’t listen how do you know it was predictable?

The issues raised were: 10p tax rate, his PPF income, redundancy with no chance of getting a job, Royal Mail strike, privatisation of services particularly health, and trust of politicians (of all parties).

Two alluded to ‘the huge chasm of contact and understanding between the political elite and ordinary people’ as Demetrius put it, though the voice-on-the-street wasn’t as verbose.

In a brief vox pop, it captured some of the views of people who might vote Labour, but probably won’t. But Labour is past listening. Soon Labour will be past. Its former supporters will watch with feelings of betrayal and despair.

Victor, NW Kent said...

This fine and considered letter, praising British technological inventions under Labour appeared today on the Beeb website Comments.

It is real hoot, apparently from someone who has suffered North Korean style brainwashing;

"OK, how many under the Tories had the following:
Mobile phone, home PC, broadband connection, MP3 player, High Definition TV, digital TV, games console, sat nav, used budget airlines, etc etc? For most people life has improved enormously (to being too pampered, perhaps) and you take for granted far too much.


Anonymous said...

Most of the things the people are objecting to under Brown would continue as before under Cameron (PFI, run down the post office, privatisation).

L is for Labour. L is for Lies said...

“Mobile phone, home PC, broadband connection, MP3 player, High Definition TV, digital TV, games console, sat nav, used budget airlines, etc etc?”

A staggering list! If anything, UK innovation in every one of these technologies has been held back under Labour.

Mobile phone – all Scandinavian/US/Asian imported products. Labour took £22.5 billion from the UK mobile phone industry for 3G licenses in 2000. It is still trying to recover.

Home PC – all now imported US/Asian products. No significant indigenous PC industry has existed under Labour (Amstrad PLC, Alan Sugar’s original PC business, was wound up in 1997). However, there was a period of rapid innovation and growth in the 80s, under a Conservative government.

Broadband connection - US technology, Asian products. Former state monopoly has dragged its feet rolling out broadband. UK is behind most of its peers.

MP3 player, HDTV, games console – all imported US/Asian products.

Digital TV – Satellite TV is imported. The taxpayer-funded BBC has imposed its own digital terrestrial system here, encouraged by a desire to sell off more bandwidth. However, this technology is out of line with world standards, and will ultimately be bypassed. Not that anyone needs 40 channels of crap they’d never pay for.

Sat nav – enabled by US military spending, GPS became operational in 1995 (under a Conservative government). Sat nav consumer products are now all US/Dutch/Asian imports.

Budget airlines – US/Irish/British invention. The two leading UK low cost airlines were formed under a Conservative government as a result of deregulation of the airlines, Ryanair in 1992 and Easyjet in 1995 (by Greek born Stelios Haji-Ioannou, now a tax exile from the UK).

So there you have it: Innovation and growth under the Conservatives. Stagnation and foreign imports under Labour (at least until sterling collapses under Labour’s gross economic mismanagement.)