Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Keep Calm And Carry On

There's a poster on the all of the BBC Regional Radio unit here at the Labour Party Conference with the following message...
How about a nice big cup of shut the **** up - think before saying something stupid.

I pointed it out to a journalist who retorted, "Yes, we're going to show it to Andrew Marr if he shows his face."



Anonymous said...

What's the problem, he only asked a question that is on the minds of thousands of people without the access he has (or had). Campbell implied he was a head case years ago and nothing has happened since to change my opinion of him.

Any colour but brown said...

They'd all have to stay silent for the rest of the week.

Oliver Drew said...

Interesting that it's ok to ask Cameron about Cannabis and other drugs, but not ok to ask Brown about painkillers/anti-depressants...touched a nerve perhaps?

Seriously Brown should not be afraid, or should not have to be afraid, of admitting he is having problems of this nature. So long as it is not affecting his judgement it makes no difference on his ability to do the job in my view.

Whether or not he actually has that ability remains open to debate.

Good on Andrew Marr for asking the question.

Richard said...

Funny how they all thought it was perfectly fine to ask about Cameron's apparent drug use.

Lord Blagger said...

So the BBC journalist is there to protect the PM from questions about his mental health.

More conformation that the sooner the BBC is sold off the better.

No difference from Pravda in they way they operate and I include Marr on that.

Marr's political affiliations are well known. The question was a plant, and such an obvious one.

Get Marr to ask the question such that you can twist it to one on disability. Don't answer the real question which is nothing about eyesight (doesnt' affect his ability to be PM), pain killers not relevant again. Anti-depresents are very relevant, so don't answer the question everyone is asking

Pravda all over again


Glyn H said...

Sounds to me as if Marr (as usual with a Labour politician) pulled his punch. Painkillers indeed. Should have put it to him straight 'was he taking any prescrition medication?'. No waffle and no room for a waffly answer lest he dug a bigger hole.

Mirtha Tidville said...

Whilst I would have preferred Andrew Neil to have posed the question, nevertheless, Marr did something I never thought he had the courage for, so credit where its due....

Rush-is-Right said...

Is there anything to prevent the PM's usage of heavy prescription medicine being the subject matter of a question in PMQs? Let's see this question being raised in Parliament. There's clearly something untoward going on here, I think it stinks.

Cameron, do you have the balls?

Pete Chown said...

Is this story about anti-depressants even true? I heard that someone had circulated a list of dietary restrictions Brown was supposed to keep to, and that matched up with MAOI anti-depressants. This list apparently included Chianti and cheese.

In fact, people taking MAOIs are supposed to avoid all alcohol, not just Chianti. (Why should Chianti be special? It makes no sense.) With cheese it's the other way round; you are supposed to avoid cheeses which have been matured for a long time, but you don't have to avoid cheese altogether.

The British National Formulary lists a load of other things which you have to avoid if you are taking MAOIs: pickled herring, broad bean pods, Bovril, Oxo, Marmite... None of these have been mentioned in connection with Brown as far as I am aware.

I find it interesting that Red Rag was going to circulate libellous claims about a certain person's mental health. Red Rag was exposed and didn't circulate anything. Shortly afterwards, the mental health claims start being circulated, except that this time Brown is the target. Politics can be a nasty business.