Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sayle & Dale With Andrew Marr

A couple of people have emailed me asking what it's like being on Andrew Marr's Show. Well, eighteen months ago I wrote a blogpost headlined BACKSTAGE ON THE ANDREW MARR SHOW. Not a lot has changed! Today I was reviewing the papers with Alexei Sayle, who has mellowed somewhat over the years. Rory Bremner was hilarious, both on screen and off.

If you'd like to watch the paper review click HERE for the BBC iPlayer of the show. Scroll in to 8 mins. It lasts nine minutes.


Jeff said...

Rory Bremner is my coffee-making slot.

Impressive impressionist but I don't watch Andy Marr for cynical humour.

Proper news, great interviews and top-notch analysis (of which there was fine examples of each this morning) is what it's about.

Bremner? Not for me.

Ferret said...

Alexei Sayle and Andrew Marr. I'd rather have pins in my eyes.

Charlotte Corday said...

"The best way to kill off a recession is to raise taxes"....? Surely you meant to say recovery not recession.

Iain Dale said...

Charlotte, yes you are right. I misspoke!

prj45 said...

Rory Bremner hilarious?

My stars.

Anonymous said...

Apart from the 'mis-speak' already brought to your attention, you did good.

Sayle was very subdued - which surprised me. I thought he'd challenge you but instead he just sat there making a few wry faces.

Bremner was good with most of the usual characters - but he's obviously having trouble developing his 'Cameron.' It needs a bit of polishing.

but didn't pipe up once to

Anonymous said...

Bremner was good - but I notice he still didn't do Obama ... or doesn't he want to? (He mentions Obama's healthcare plan troubles and does his impression of ... George W Bush!?!?)

James Higham said...

I'd like to meet Alexei Sayle actually. And Mr. Balowski.

Anonymous said...

Two socialists and one Tory.

Who says the BBC is an extension of the Labour party?

Anonymous said...

Good effort Ian.

But as my old heamaster would report.


True Belle said...

Did Sayle have smelly breath?

He looked tonked up ( from the night before)

His hand language was very distracting- You were very controlled and distinguished!

Anonymous said...

Iain I enjoyed the programme but was dissapointed that you made no mention of the PMs health problems. Were you under instruction to make no comment. The blogisphere is full of chat but the papers today are empty, what is the inside story??????

Anonymous said...

Apropos nothing at all -- bit of Latin .... Tempus fugit.

We are now well into September 2009 (almost exactly half way). The election will likely be called around 7 April 2010.

That is less than 7 months. By the end of next week it will be significantly less than 7 months. By the end of the conference season .... ? It will be virtually an exact 6 months.

Do these facts suggest anything to anybody?

Einy Shah said...

Very well done, I enjoyed it. Although Alexei Sayle does get under my skin and I also think Rory Bremner is hilarious, his Peter Mandelson and William Hague impressions are dead on!

Anonymous said...

Excellent Comments regarding the new pedophile law which will have 11 million people registered on it.

So true, we complain that the Gov is not doing enough then complain when they act.

You could had mentioned the great poll results in Scotland which have the SNP out polling Labour for Westminster :)

Nice jacket btw.

Unknown said...

Here we go agian. That PRAT Vince Cable gives us another load of bollocks in a statement.

Meanwhile Liberal Democrat treasury spokesman Vince Cable called for the debate to move on, saying "big ticket areas" such as "defence commitments, public sector pensions and tax credits" needed to be examined.

What does "need to be examined" mean Cable you idiot? I posted on this prat the other day in the link Iain did about Cable no longer seeing seen as "St Vince", not that he ever was except by beeboids.

That's all the Lib Dems say, "we must examine" or "we will look at" or "we need to think hard". Come on Iain Dale when are you going to start putting the Beeboids on the spot and let them allow Cable to spout this tripe?

GM said...

Honestly Mr. Dale - I leave the house just after your Sunday press review on the Marr show, and return to hear Sky News tell me that the Sunday papers will be reviewed by none other than....Iain Dale. Same job, double the wages????

MalcolmCog said...

Did that jacket and tie once belong to a geography teacher ?

Cynic said...

I see Lord Voldemort has admitted that Cabinet will have to 'review' and 'reprioritise' spending. He woundnt say the 'cut' word but it was as close to a cough as you will get

Paul Burgin said...

Recently read one of Alexi Sayle's collection of short stories (The Dog Catcher). 'The Only Man Stalin Was Afraid Of!! is in there and is definitely worth reading. V.funny but also horrifyingly accurate about Stalin and the USSR in the 1930s.

Dave Williams said...

Alexi Sayle was nevwer v funny or interesting and just looked bored/disinterested yesterday -what was the point of him.

Bremmner used to be cutting edge, funny. When he was, he was worth a whole show. He isn't and isn't and so what was the point of him?

Then there was the non-story about the Darwin film. The bloke was interviewed on the back ofa headline about Creationists blocking the film. Except, as he pointed out, they aren't. So what was the point of him?

I mssed Milliband -but the same refrain probably applies.

So it was a good job you were there to make my licence fee worthwhile!

Anonymous said...

Did you ask Andy about his 'love-child' with Alice Miles, and why he never, ever, has any contact with her?

iain, ni said...

Bremner hilarious?
It was torture listening to him.
Its a wonder he didnt resort to a 'hmmmm, Betty' his script was that lame.

kate said...

Bremner was good on the last night of the proms.