Monday, September 21, 2009

Calling All LibDems: TP Fringe Today!

If you are attending the Liberal Democrat Conference today in Bournemouth, can I cordially extend an invitation to the Total Politics fringe meeting which is being held jointly with Henley Business School

Trust in Politics: How We Lost It & How to Get It Back

Tuesday 22 September, 1-2pm
Hermitage Hotel, Exeter Road, Bournemouth
Refreshments provided


Lynne Featherstone MP,
Prof Anthony Seldon,
Prof Chris Bones

Chaired by Iain Dale

All welcome

And please do visit the TotalPolitics Exhibition Stand in the Solent Hall, where you will get the chance to win an ASUS Eee PC! And please be nice to Emily. She gets lonely at conferences, you know


Anonymous said...

Gosh, who is this 'lonely' Emily, will she be at Conservative conference?

Anonymous said...

Can you record the meeting on video, Iain?

Think This said...

The Lib Dems have a conference?

Stephen Glenn said...

I believe I have laready pencilled this event in to my Fringe guide.

Sam said...

Where's Bones off to then?

Arieh said...

Last year I saw Emily at all the conferences, stuck on the stall, and always stopped in for a chat and top-trumps.

She was even at the Green Conference - and that's commitment! Though the plastic TP bags didn't go down so well there.

neil craig said...

U have po9sted this on many LibDem blogs but the vast majority have, in true "Liberal" fashion simply censored it. I wonder if, when you are there, it will be possible to find anybody able to say it is in any way whatsoever, less than fully true. So far NOBODY in the party has been able to:

We decided at the Nuremberg Trials that planning aggressive war & bombing civilians were war crimes & massacring, ethnic cleansing, genocide & mass kidnap & rape were crimes against humanity. There is no question that the LibDem leaders, without exception, enthusiastically supported an aggressive war against Yugoslavia conducted overwhelmingly by bombing civilians. That after the occupation of Kosovo they unanimously supported the Massacres, such as Dragodan where at least 210 civilians were murdered by our police, widespread genocide, the ethnic cleansing of at least 350,000 & the kidnap & sale to brothels of thousands, probably 10s of thousands of children. It gas since become public that the British government knew & thus party leaders who are Privy Councillors would have known, that our police kidnapped at at least 1,300 Serbs & dissected them while still alive to sell the parts to our hospitals.

There is clearly a prima faci case that all those involved, including all the leaders of the party, are personally guilty of these war crimes & crimes against humanity.It seems to me that this is a serious charge yet not only have all LibDem MP's refused to defend themselves in any fact based way but neither has any
LibDem blogger & the party has made it a condition of membership that one support this genocide. Indeed most of them (listed here have also censored mention of the facts. It should be unnecessary to point out that censorship (& indeed genocide) is anathema to any real liberal.

I am therefore seeking to find if there is a single "Liberal Democrat" anywhere among the alleged 60,000 members who feels it is possible to dispute, in any factual way, the prima faci case that the entire party leadership are guilty of war crimes, genocide & worse crimes even Hitler didn't match in the Nazi cause. Alternately is there any single party member who disproves of such atrocities & supports the application of the rule of law to such people.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, very OT, but I've just been watching St Vince Cable's conference speech. I persevered almost to the end, but turned it off in anger. I have been bamboozled, I fell for his saintly economic credentials, I even contemplated voting Lib Dem out of frustration at clear policies from the Conservatives. However, the Straight Talk interview with Andrew Neil the other night punctured a few illusions and the speech today punctured the rest. It was a classic example of envy politics. I loathe people who indulge in that, the reason I would never vote Labour. Well, now I will never vote Lib Dem either, and UKIP, while I agree with their criticisms of the EU, has no domestic policies, and Greens are a bunch of arrogant authoritarians, as exemplified by the Moonbat, and I am just sooooo frustrated! I guess the Conservatives will get my vote as the least of evils.

btw, I am one of those patronisingly referred to as 'pensioners in poverty' or 'in fuel poverty'. Maybe I am, but I manage my limited finances fairly well, I don't have a problem piling on the layers in winter to avoid huge energy bills, it is only what what was taken for granted when I was young, and I know where my best interests lie, which isn't with Labour or Lib Dems.