Wednesday, September 16, 2009

LBC at 8 and Five Live From 10.30pm

There will be two doses of my dulcet tones on your wireless this evening.

At 8pm I'll be talking about the news events of the week on LBC for an hour alongside Claud Moraes MEP and LibDem London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon.

And then at 10.30pm it's two and a half hours with Richard Bacon on 5 Live as presenter's friend. We're discussing how pushy you should be in complaining about bad service, whether criticism of Obama's healthcare plan is motivated by racism, and in the midnight debate asking 'Is Capitalism Wrong?'

If you've got views on any of those issues take part in the programme by texting 85058, emailing or calling 0500 909693.

And before that I'm off to the Garrick to the launch of Ion Trewin's biography of the late great Alan Clark. Just in case you're interested.


Anonymous said...

boring now, bye-bye

Old Holborn said...


Prescott is taking a shit in China

Anonymous said...

Did the Treasury documents show the cuts by department? If so, where are Labour planning to cut hardest? Where will the full 22 pages be published?

Thomas Rossetti said...

Claude Moraes is a good man. I just showed up at the European Parliament once and asked him if he'd do an interview with me. Unbelievably, he agreed and had a very interesting conversation later that day.

I've always grown up thinking Labour members were all like John Prescott or Dennis Skinner, but I suppose they're not all bad.

(I fundamentally disagreed with Moraes then, just as I do now, but at least he's reasonable.)

Alan Douglas said...

Errr, which "late great Alan Clark" is that ? I am aware only of a serial betrayer both in politics and marriage.

Alan Douglas

Weygand said...

As for Alan Clark, 'late' certainly but, if Dominic Lawson is to be believed, also one of the most revolting creatures to slither on to this land since life emerged from the primeval slime.

Frank said...

I never complain, I just walk out.
With resepect to Obama, I just wonder how many votes he got from people who were attempting to prove to themselves that they weren't racist.

Andy Hucclecote said...

alan douglas and weygand are spot on re alan clark. Re richard bacon, much as i like his program he is somewhat biased towards obama.

Savonarola said...

Late great Alan Clark?

Are you joking?

Mean, vindictive, pompous, mendacious sexual predator.

You have been taken in or you have a book to sell.

Les said...

The title is self explanatory.I am fed up with that nicey-nicey, politically correct, pseudo-Christianity which almost always supports leftwing attitudes - which in most cases are actually anti-Gospel. UPDATED DAILY. This is not a forum.

Check it out!

Unsworth said...

Trewin took his time over the book, didn't he? I hope it's worth the wait. Perhaps Jane Clark had some reservations, but I'd have preferred to see Clark's papers published in full - or at least made available to scholars. Clark had his faults, but his heart was in the right place.

Anonymous said...


What has happened to your blog?

Three posts yesterday, two of the self indulgent and the other stale and lacking insight.

No comment on the biggest story of the month thus far?

Guido got stale for a while when he basked in the glory of his scoops, but he has returned to form.

Are you bored of this?

Andy Mac.

Anonymous said...

he truth about the Foreign Office

Devil in the detail said...

Iain, perhaps in your discussions tonight you can sort out the following questions concerning those leaked Treasury figures:

1) Do the figures show that, under Labour plans, overall spending is to be kept constant?

2) If so then will the Labour cuts be on non-social security spending (because benefit amounts are expected to rise due to unemployment rising etc)?

3) The Conservatives are also proposing cuts. However are these cuts of the total overall spending? In other words, deeper cuts.

So much for Brown's "Investment" - it is negative investment!

Anonymous said...

It's so interesting to alternate between your broadcsting commitments and lists of top blogs

Iain Dale said...

Andy Mac at 9.26.

I had no access to a computer yesterday as I was out of the office in virtually back to back meetings. This blog comes second to my job. I had little opportunity yesterday to blog and I am certainly not going to apologise for it. This is a really busy time of year work-wise for me. This week my company is publishing four books. So if I am a little distracted, so be it.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame you for losing it with the professor, Iain - he was outrageously disdainful towards the small business owner. And to think these people are responsible for educating our students?!