Friday, September 18, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Paul Waugh on Gordon's use of the 'c' word.
2. Tory Radio on an election internet free for all.
3. Cranmer exposes the disgusting nature of James Macintyre's 'racism in the Tory party' article.
4. reveals the odds in the Bedford mayoral race.
5. Pink News announces that Adam Price MP is standing down from Parliament.
6. Sharpe's Opinion looks forward to a trip to the LibDem Conference.
7. I think it is safe to say that Donal Blaney is not a fan of Ivan Massow. He is not alone.
8. Working Class Tory on Eric Pickles & the LibDems.
9. Lynne Featherstone MP has had a makeover.
10. Stephen Tall on the state of the LibDem blogosphere.
11. Dizzy's a bit hacked off with the Telegraph.
12. Norsheen Bhatti explains her decision to defect from the LibDems.

And finally, make sure you add Iain Martin's new blog to your favourites. He's moved from the Telegraph to the Wall Street Journal.

UPDATE: Just seen THIS post from Quaequam's James Graham. He reacts to charges of bullying and unburdens himself. Well worth a read. He's a pussycat really.

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