Friday, September 11, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Tory Bear accuses a Labour MP of ... well, read it and see.
2. Alastair Campbell admits he is crap.
3. Martin Bright on the bonfire of the quangos.
4. Three Thousand Versts on a defection to NI Conservatives Use Force First, or whatever they're called nowadays :).
5. Lynne Featherstone wants to save election night.
6. Donal Blaney thinks Harriet Harman deserves an airbrushing of her own.
7. EU Referendum is not impressed by the re-emergence of Declan Ganley.
8. In an announcement that will shock the political world, Tom Harris reveals that he thinks Alan Johnson is "a good bloke".
9. Trixy wants Children's minister Baroness Morgan to just answer the effing question.
10. Amol Rajan reckons Dennis Skinner is absurd.
11. Devil's Kitchen has evidence that Gordon Brown is a lovely chap.
12. LibDem Voice defends Brian Coleman!


Tapestry said...

Ganley's amazed to find that Ireland is about to reject Lisbon on October 2nd, a second time, and he wants to be around to collect some of the credit.

In fact the Coir Campaign organised out of Dublin is making all the running this time, a low budget, online site, leaflet and poster effort with thousands of volunteers.

If Ganley wants to make any difference, he should drop 1 million Euros at that address urgently. They have a superb campaign - best leaflets and posters I've ever seen - even better than my own and that's saying something !

Alan Douglas said...

Yeah, but he doesn't admit in enough !

Alan Douglas

Doktorb said...

Saving General Election night is an aim we all need to get behind...And how much of the increased cost and staffing arrangements are down to Labour's changing of the postal vote laws?

Anonymous said...

Whe I saw that "Ian Parsley" from Norther Ireland had joined the Conservatives I though this was something from the Daily Mash! But amazingly that is his name!