Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Miliband: Euro Referendum is "Extremist"

So, there we have it. David Miliband thinks it is "extremist" to want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Doesn't that tell you everything you need to know about New Labour's moral bankruptcy?

UPDATE: Those who are asking where this came from should read the front page of today's Telegraph.


Quietzapple said...

It is rather too moderate a view of the lunacy that the Uk should consider leaving or trying to sabotage the development of our continent's principal organisation.

Anonymous said...

Wanting a general election will presumably be an act of terrorism then?

Unknown said...

When you lease a property for a given period you have to hand it back intact.

The electorate vest power in the government for a maximum period of five years and after five years they have to give it back intect.

If the want to bind the freehold owners in anything the do whilst they hold power then they have to get their agreement first.

Wanting to control of our own property before you give it away is extremeist is it.

You are an idiot Millipede

qwertyuiop said...

Source, please?

Anonymous said...

I believe the last poll showed that 70% of the electorate want the Referendum they were promised on the LisbonConTreaty to be held. Is Milipede really branding 70% of us 'extremist' because we don't agree with him and think a Government should honour the promises it made in the Manifesto it was elected to deliver.

That's Labour for you. Disagree with them and you must be an extremist.

Stu said...

So giving the voters of this country an opportunity to have their say on a treaty that is currently being forced on us is extremist is Mr Millipide. It's called democracy you left wing moron, something the Liebor party have been trying to get rid of in the last 10 years.

moorlandhunter said...

Correct. The Labour leadership are only interested in getting the right outcome that suits them, and as Labour know we would vote against the Lisbon Treaty they will try and tarnish the views of us who oppose Lisbon with the slander of calling us ‘extremists.’

Raedwald said...

Of course if the government classify opposition to a referendum as 'extremist' it justifies the government spending millions of existing Home Office 'Preventing Extremism' funds on propaganda and other measures to counter Euroscepticism.

As the Home Office press release said recently "We sought views on a proposed legal process and powers that strengthen the hand of the community and police in dealing with extremism".

So detention without trial for Eurosceptics, then?

Richard Edwards said...

Referenda are a good mechanism for measuring democratic consent. Which is why there were votes in Scotland and Wales when Labour enacted its devolution packages. In principle constitutional change involving the EU or the electoral system used for the House of Commons is no different.

Russell said...

If wanting a promised referendum is "extremist", what is "passionately loathing this corrupt, undemocratic foreign power which is leeching away our sovereignty and trying to dictate every detail of our lives, to the point of prescribing what kind of lightbulb we are allowed to read by in our own homes"?

Sounds pretty moderate and sensible to me.

True Belle said...

That's it then, hell and damnation if we do and damned for ever if we don't.

Is this really the Nu-ordur (by stealth)?

golden_balls said...

When you quote an MP Minister or anyone else could you at least give a link to what your alleging.

Otherwise it just looks like your trying to smear or makie up things about them god forbid you would do that iain.

Cjamesk said...

When did he say this?!?

Oh and James Collins will be a legend at the Villa Iain :) Good player but I digress, so 70% of the population are extremist then, shocking!

The pure contempt I have for this Government is unreal and now were going to further weaken our position on the world stage by getting rid of a further submarine!!
How big is the Navy now 17 ships?!? Oh well I suppose its for a good cause, got to keep the core vote happy on the hand outs I suppose.

so said...

By the same token, if we want the promised treaty and that's extremist, having an unelected PM is what exactly Millipede?

Alan Douglas said...

... but not as extremist as holding the whole nation up with a banana !

Alan Douglas

spelkender said...

Mili wants extremist? Try this for size!!!
~The EU is really the EE (Evil Empire) that has achived what Stalin and Hitler failed to do. It has destroyed Britain as most of us would have liked it to remain.
Edward Heath should be postumously tried for treason and when found guilty dug up, beheaded, and his head stuck on a spike at the House of Commons.

Not a sheep said...

Source? Nothing found on Google News

Brian E. said...

Miliband seems to have forgotten the old saying "You might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb".
If I am to be considered extremist for simply wanting a referendum, then I might as well become genuinely extremist by, say, supporting the BNP.
No doubt before long Labour will consider it as extremist if one belongs to the Conservative party.
It simply shows that words such as "extremist", "racist", etc, have lost all real meaning in modern labour politics

David Boothroyd said...

We've already ratified the treaty. It is quite extreme to suggest that we revoke that ratification. I can't find any other treaty which the United Kingdom has ratified, then revoked its ratification before it came into force.

Face it - this issue is over, and the Irish are likely to save the Conservatives from the consequences of their foolishness by approving Lisbon next month.

Newmania said...

Yes now he is saying that without the EU we will not be at the table with the US and China .For that global fantasy to be a reality the EU would have to have...a foreign Policy and be a single State.( Thats even if we thought his world conspiracy theory had any truth to start with ). Milliband told the New Statesman earlier this year that the EU already had a foreign Policy , I thought we had a treaty which was part of “Our ”foreign Policy silly me

The EU is detested so Labour bang on about how they ,lied sold us all out. IHT was loathed and they cannot stop mentioning it. Whoever works out their strategy ought to be listening very carefully to today’s guidance on assisted suicide

Anonymous said...

Mr.Dale,sources please. When,where and to whom did he say this and what was the complete transcript and context. Thank you

strapworld said...

David boothroyd,sadly, is correct.

The current conservative line is as follows:-

The Government refused to hold a referendum here. The Conservatives, however, have not ruled out offering a vote even if the treaty has become law by the time they come to power.

A “no” vote in Britain would then, according to scaremongers would, inevitably lead to Britain withdrawing from the treaty and effectively “de-ratifying” it across the Continent – throwing the EU into chaos and potentially forcing a large majority of member states to draw up a new treaty from which Britain would be excluded!

The British Government, following a conspiracy involving the timing of the take-over of power between Blair and Brown, the lying and manipulation of D. Milliband and M. Beckett and various parliamentary shenanigans unworthy in any democracy (but, shamefully, involving the three leaders of the main political parties) has already ratified the Lisbon Treaty, had it printed on animal skin, signed by the Queen and lodged in Rome!.

Once the other 26 signatories similarly legally ratify that treaty it becomes binding on all 27 members for all time, only allowing withdrawal from its totalitarian and democracy destroying provisions by the trigger of its own withdrawal procedures, effectively requiring national castration and other even more severe forms of sovereign self-mutilation.

There is not, nor can there ever be the possibility of - “de-ratifying” it across the Continent.

Why Cameron has not given the British people the truth is beyond me. Surely it would have strengthened his hand against Brown. Painting him as the man who ended our democracy!

It would also assist Cameron in reducing Parliament by 50%. It will be akin to a Parish Council.

That Cameron cannot be open and honest with us all tells me that he is part of the political conspiracy!

JuliaM said...

I already knew everything I needed to about New Labour's moral bankruptcy...

"It is rather too moderate a view of the lunacy that the Uk should consider leaving or trying to sabotage the development of our continent's principal organisation."

Ha ha ha ha! Ok, good joke, but own up now. Who's spoofing a totally deranged EUphile here?

I mean, no-one could type that into the comment box and expect to be taken seriously, surely?

chris (m) said...

The evidence is all there in both brain function and phenotype: Miliband is the missing link between man and monkey.

Hurf Durf said...

Hilarious coming from the same man who said terrorism is justified in some cases. Extremism indeed.

Anonymous said...

And can you honestly say we will get a referendum from the Conservatives?

Anonymous said...

It's got beyond a joke. these people are dangerous, very, very dangerous.

And you think you're going to get a general election come May/June?

Think again.

HJ said...

So surely Miliband is admitting that the 2005 election Labour Manifesto was also extremist?
Having said that, I agree with Miliband. It is quite extremist to have a democratic vote in Europe.

Milliband is a poor little man said...

Milliband having one of Mandelson's hissy fits?

Oh, don't the EU luvvies fear their electorate.

Lord Snooty said...

Assuming you haven't made this up (and can't find anything to substantiate your 'story'), it's fairly clear what he's saying. Most of the people calling for a referendum hold a relatively 'extreme' position, that is, they want to pull out of the EU. The frothing comments so far, rather prove his point, don't you think (e.g. 'wanting a general eleciton will presumably be an act of terrorism then' etc)?

Anonymous said...

"We've already ratified the treaty. It is quite extreme to suggest that we revoke that ratification."

So Harold Wilson was an extremist then? Did not he hold a referendum to see if we stayed in.

Another load of bollocks from Mr Boothroyd.

Anonymous said...

The Moribund Brothers are a real pair of tossers.

On the Trident issue, one of 'em has just said "There must be a reduction and, if we don't, we have, by definition, an increase"

Whatever happened to 0% growth?

Anonymous said...

David Miliband is himself Wrong and Extreame by saying this!

Miliband is probably just trying to position himself for the Labour leadership. David seems to have a problem in saying a few provokitive statements and then bottling out of anything more.

If I had a dead fish floating in a glass jar and had the media surrounding me - I think I would call the dead fish floating in water David Miliband. Calling it Peter would mean a reincarnation of Mandelson, he has not changed - spinning and slaeze!

Penfold said...

Well he is the spawn of an avowed Marxist, who illegally entered the UK and claimed falsely that he was an asylum seeker.
The seed never falls, etc,.

Glad to see the left emerging from the husk of democracy and showing their true colours of autarchy.

Anonymous said...

Source here for those asking:

I suppose it could be said that the phrase used was Euro-extremism rather than extremist, but there isn't much difference.

Man in a Shed said...

Remind me what was in the Labour manifesto that David Miliband was elected on ?

But then the judge told us we shouldn't have a reasonable expectation that Labour manifesto promises would be kept.

Plenty said...

It's not just the leader they need to change it's the policies. Ok, they may get a boost if they changed leader, but they'd still be trailing in the polls. They need direction and purpose. At mo they're just in for power's sake.

And I'm not sure the BP would stomach another leader without a general election. They will stick with Brown till the bitter end....

Anonymous said...

Telegraph: In unusually strong language for a senior member of the Cabinet, he criticised the surrendering to “euro-extremism” of David Cameron, the party leader, and William Hague, shadow foreign secretary.

The inference to the conservatives' fellow European party group (ECR) NOT that a Euro Referendum is "extremism"

Though i despise and disagree with Milroundhisneck your title is very misleading.

Unknown said...

The big concern here for NuLab apologists like Boothroyd, is that the dream of an over-arching socialist super-state, which could curb the potential of any inconvenient UK Conservative governments, is at threat.

The rather convenient EU doctrine that no new member state government can undo previously agreed Treaties is at threat.

Respected Constitutionalists such as Dicey have long held that no parliament/government can bind its successor. That is, as far as anyone is concerned, how it stands, but there has been an "understanding" that none would attempt to go back on agreements so far as the EU was concerned.

If Cameron and Hague start demanding powers back, then how long will it be before other governments start to demand to renegotiate their entry terms.

Of course that would be the end of the anti-democratic socialist utopia. Transfer of powers between the EU and the member state have thus far been one-way. If a precedent is set showing that it is actually a two-way street, then the dream for the likes of Boothroyd and Millipede will be over.....Thankfully

Anonymous said...

I did watch the so called 'Lisbon Treaty' being put through Parliament. It was put through by two Lying 'extremists' Murphy and Miliband. For 'extremist' read someone who will say anything to prevent citizens of this country performing their Democratic rights.


Javelin said...

Yep it's true Millibrain is going to reclassify democracy as a form of terrorism and have us all locked up.

Javelin said...

I just realised what New Labour are doing is to shift their power base to the EU. With Blair as el Presudent he will have more power over the UK than Cameron.

golden_balls said...

Thats better iain !

I've only glanced at the Telegraph online site nothing on the main page but when i found the article i couldn't find the quote iain used in his post

could someone help with a direct quote my eyes aren't as good as they once were a line number will suffice


Paddy Briggs said...

Milliband is right. The call for a referendum is of course a chimera - it is simply a device used by Eurosceptics to further their cause - even up to the point of withdrawal from the EU. UKIP country, but also not unpalatable to rather a lot of Conservatives. But…

 The Treaty is a done deal.
 Britain's membership of the EU is a done deal.
 There will be little or no change in the balance between Brussels and London in respect of decision -making.
 We are in Europe to stay.
 We need to at last work within the EU as an enthusiastic member not be seen as a reluctant bystander.
 Blair's refusal to enter enthusiastically into Europe and adopt the Euro (etc.) to appease Murdoch is the second biggest error and disgrace of his Premiership (Iraq of course the first).
 Cameron will need to understand these realities very soon.

golden_balls said...

lol got it thanks


a little massage of the facts iain with your quote but it could be interpreted as that.

Anonymous said...

Is Ireland then an extremeist country for holding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty on October 2nd?

Quietzapple said...

It would make more sense to have a referendum on invading the Channel Islands.

ukipwebmaster said...

David and Goliath - Taking on the juggernaut of the 'Yes' campaign:

Anonymous said...

Paddy and his loathing of other people!! how it makes me laugh.

Paddy I've news for you mate. Yes. We're in Europe.

We don't have to be members of the EU.

It's not the same thing.

Simply stamping your feet and insisting no-one can do anything about anything because you have what you want - is rubbish.

D'ye see?

Sandy Jamieson said...

His late unlamented father was a Marxist thug who loathed democracy. Its clear that he holds similar views

English First said...

What this moron, and others should realise, is that we are demanding a referendum!

Heath, the three major parties, the BBC and other media, The FCO and others committed treason and sedition from 1972. These are facts.

3 countries so far have said NO to the the treaty. What part of NO do these cretins fail to understand?

if Milliband thinks this is "extremism" what about about lying, fraud, sedition and treason?

Anonymous said...

The BBC should use this quote on every news slot.What a silly Millie he is!

Anonymous said...

So this far left wing Marxist extremist (or Tit the elder for short) thinks it is "extreme" for people to have a vote on their own countries future as they were PROMISED?.

On what level do these people work for the EU?, is there a Brussels hotline in McDooning Street?.

This is what i call "extreme" Mr Marxistband!....

Anonymous said...

Miliband's (hehe his name is similar to a well-known arthropod) use of the word extremism was foolish but the truth is that by withdrawing from the EPP the Tories have seriously weakened the UK's ability to stand up against European legislation which has the potential to harm our national interest. It is immensely shortsighted, intellectually bankrupt and driven purely by ideological fervour. In short, it's everything politics shouldn't be.

Peter said...

I'm surprised he didn't call it "racist" as well.

Roger Dodger said...

It is moments like this that truly make me wonder.

5 mins on the net will show you that the world is run by 12 Jewish megalomaniacs/lizards, Dick Chaney flew planes into the towers etc. etc.

I have always held less cynical views about our politics and our politicians.

Miliband was somebody who I considered ultimately principled and far from stupid. Slightly too far down the New Labour route of professional lies and spin for his own good but I was happy to blame that on prevailing cultures.

After reading his article this morning however I was actually shocked. This is as low as it gets. Completely and utterly indefensible.

I therefore want to know what DM thinks about this. Because he is not a fool he must surely realise he is engaging in a nakedly opportunist, cynical, desperate and underhand tactics.

Surely he can no longer ponder why the country hates his party so much. Surely he could see before he wrote it that his assertion was guff at best. Plain dishonesty more likely.

Just what the hell is going on? Who will reward him for this move later down the track? Because as it stands this really baffles me. He cannot be that stupid. He is surely that cynical or has been asked to do it.

Or perhaps I am wrong and he is simply a vicious lying turd. A Minister of GB... What a shame.

Anonymous said...


You'll be glad to know that the Lisbon treaty will make it a punishable offence to insult eu institutions or eu apparatchicks.

Jimmy said...

Yet another made-up story then.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at page 28 of the COUNCIL DECISION on the establishment of the European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS) in application of Article 11 of Framework Decision 2008/…/JHA to see that Insult of the State, Nation or State symbols is a reportable offence.

Also, once passed, the treaty allows for changes to the laws without further approval by the nation states.

The term socialist dictatorship springs to mind as the MEPs have no power and no democratic mandate.
(They're picked by the parties, so the elctorate can't choose who represents them and idependent candidates have no chance).

David Lindsay said...

He is right. But not for the reason, if any, that he has in his mind, if any.

If David Cameron really were against the Lisbon Treaty, then he would have put down Second and Third Reading Amendments rejecting it because of its content, without mentioning a referendum. And he would now be promising not to ratify it, again without any need of a referendum. We all know why he isn’t. He wants to hand for the decision to the BBC during the month leading up to a referendum, thereby guaranteeing a Yes vote.

The party of the Treaty of Rome, of Thatcher’s Single European Act and of the Maastricht Treaty has not changed one bit. It never will. It can’t. He is indeed a "Euro extremists".

As, for that matter, is anyone who wishes to subject us to the legislative will, but in the Council of Ministers and in the European Parliament, of Stalinists, Trotskyists, neo-Fascists, neo-Nazis, members of Eastern Europe’s kleptomaniac nomenklatura (among other neocon crazies), people who believe the Provisional Army Council to be the sovereign body throughout Ireland. Soon to be joined by Turkish Islamists, Turkish ultra-nationalists, and Marxist Kurdish separatists.

Ted Heath was a Euro extremist. Margaret Thatcher was a Euro extremist. John Major was a Euro extremist. Tony Blair was a Euro extremist. David Cameron is a Euro extremist.

strapworld said...

It is obvious that people, like Trevors Den who has yet again proved he opens mouth before engaging brain, know nothing about the deceit and treachery by politicians of all parties, over the years, ending with Brown and this Parliament completed the work by forcing through - WITH Conservative support!!-.and ratifying the Lisbon Treaty,it was printed on animal skin, signed by the Queen and lodged in Rome!. As I mentioned earlier.

We have all been let down by politicians and our Queen who, in my view,disregarded her oath to safeguard our democracy, taken at her coronation.

So Trevors Den, please note Cameron knows there is nothing he can do about it. Personally I believe he is happy with that situation. Why cannot he be honest with the British people?

Sir Edward Heath said...

"Ted Heath is a Euro extremist." Guilty as charged. Hee! Hee! Hee!

Quietzapple said...

Well Anon:

Re the EU's desperate pursuit of your stalwart insults of its tawdry institutions & etc I dare say you will outwit them by registering your company in the WIndies, like Paul Staines, or copying Chesterton's heroes in "The Flying Inn" - eh?

Anonymous said...


You really don't get it; is freedom of speach not in your approved list of principles.

Firstly, the apparatchicks get to decide what is an insult (pointing out that they can't even get their accounts signed off by an auditor probably counts as an inplicit insult).
Secondly, if we have no right to dissent we have no freedom worth speaking of.

Feel free to continue being a supporter of socialist ideologies, the USSR was such a lovely place they had to erect barged wire to stop the flood of people trying to get in.

Anonymous said...

Miliband says wanting euro referendum is extremist,silly me for expecting one after Blair put it into labour manifesto 2005.Hope Dave will come off the fence and give us something to look forward to yes it is called a referendum on this vile Lisbon Treaty,the one that destroys our democratic right to vote and chuck out a lousy,weak government every 5 years.