Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sir Michael Lord to Retire

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons has just announced his retirement. He has been an MP since 1983 and represents Central Suffolk & North Ipswich with a majority of nearly 8,000. In a statement released by his constituency chairman, Sir Michael said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Member of Parliament and considered it a huge privilege and honour to have served the people in Suffolk. I will be sad to retire but feel that now is the right time to make the announcement to allow my successor to be selected and become known to the constituents of Central Suffolk & North Ipswich. When I leave the House of Commons I will particularly miss my constituency work which I have always found extremely rewarding and which has enabled me to help thousands of my constituents over the years.

I suspect there will be another five or six similar announcements before the Conservative Conference.


Ean Craigie said...

Did he have expenses problems or is he getting ut while the getting is good. I would have thought that having to work with the little cowber would have anyone retiring.

None of the above said...

By "expenses problems", I take it you mean was he royally ripping off the taxpayer?

Well, surprise surprise, he was:

He designated his constituency house as his second home in order to get the additional costs allowance (ACA). He claimed £8000 on gardening expenses and second home claims of:
2004-05: £20,338

2005-06: £21,624

2006-07: £22,110

2007-08: £23,047

Obviously we weren't paying him enough at £99,114.

What a tosser.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be pedantic, but he is not 'the' Deputy Speaker. Sir Alan Haselhurst is the Deputy Speaker. Sir Michael Lord is the Second Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means and a Deputy Speaker.

Who is he? said...

Is this big news? He is hardly President KFC.

Anonymous said...

As a former constituent with regular dealings with him I can say that the last thing Lord is, is a "tosser". There can't be many more genuine, helpful and hard-working MPs then him. A Tory Party in power after the next election will be a poorer place without people like him in it.

The Deputy Speakers were told on taking their positions that the ACA should be used for their constituency homes because they would have to spend a similar amount of time in Westminster to Ministers rather than backbenchers.

ken from glos said...

I to got out that important reference book "The daily Telegraph Complete Expenses Files"

Tells me all i need to know about the man.I dont know how he can afford to retire!!

This reference book will stay with me until after the next election so i can cross out those that robbed me and did their best to hide it.

Raedwald said...

This offers the delightful prospect of our having not only a Judge Judge but a Lord Lord if Sir Michael is elevated.

Neither can equal the fictional Lazlo Lazlo, though, for he was born in Baden Baden in 1919.