Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In Praise of Gaby Hinsliff

While I am feeling generous, I was sorry to hear this afternoon that Gaby Hinsliff is leaving her job as political editor of The Observer. She announced it on Twitter and more or less said that she wants to have a life again. Who can blame her?

Gaby's a political journalist who is trusted by everyone, and doesn't indulge in the common Sunday newspaper practice of hyping a story beyond all recognition.

I'm sure her lobby colleagues will miss her calming influence and total professionalism. I know I will.

I wish her all the very best in her new life in the country, bringing up her young family and writing to her heart's content.


Doug said...

Maybe she knows the writing is on the wall for the Observer.

Jo Tanner said...

Good on her!

While sad to see her go, I am pleased that she is clearly doing what she wants to do for her sanity and her family. She won't go too far, she's a great commentator so I'm sure we'll continue to see her in the months to come.

J H Holloway said...

....either that or can't be arsed with covering 8+ years of Conservative rule.

I'd plump for the latter.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Gaby but I shall miss her.

A thoroughly sensible decision to get out of the adolescent world of political journalism and get a life.

I wish her the best.

Anonymous said...

She must do, since they only recently got rid of their very brilliant business editor Simon Caulkin.

He would have written some brilliant pieces about the last couple of months