Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Top 50 Most Influential Liberal Democracts: 25-1

The Telegraph concludes its Top 50 LibDems list today with the Top 25. Mini biogs can be found HERE. The second figure denotes last year's ranking.

1 2 Vince Cable
2 1 Nick Clegg
3 3 Chris Huhne
4 - Chris Fox
5 9 Danny Alexander
6 7 David Laws
7 - Baroness Scott
8 49 John Sharkey
9 13 Tom McNally
10 5 Paddy Ashdown
11 - Lord Oakeshott
12 27 Polly Mackenzie
13 33 Tavish Scott
14 16 Evan Harris
15 11 Shirley Williams
16 - Richard Allan
17 21 Lord Lester
18 25 Duncan Brack
19 6 Charles Kennedy
20 22 Paul Burstow
21 28 Lynne Featherstone
22 23 Lord Shutt
23 8 Simon Hughes
24 12 Norman Baker
25 26 Steve Webb

Click HERE for positions 26-50.


strapworld said...

If Cable is the answer, what was the bloody question?

After Andrew Neil and today's reviews of his lacklustre, boring and nasty speech and the remarks on other blogs, in particular Political Betting, I reckon Cable will slide down the greasy pole very quickly!!

Alan Douglas said...

Much better. I've heard of 8 of these, though several seem to be raves from the grave, ie Kennedy, Williams, Pantsdown.

Now, when are you going to publish the top Teletubbies list ? Equally relevant, no ?

Alan Douglas

Little Black Sambo said...

Who cares?

Laurence Hodge said...

I'd never heard of Lord Oakeshott until he popped up on Radio 4's World at One yesterday.

The Mansion Tax would not be levied on pensioners (well 70-year-olds and above) whose mansions had risen in value since they bought them and who could not afford the 5per mille per annum.

Instead their tax liability would be "rolled up" and deducted from their estate upon Death. In effect the Lib Dems want to operate a kind of fiscal equity release scheme.

I do hope that testamentary intentions in favour of the Lib Dems reflect this truly nasty idea.

By the way, why isn't Rinka on the list?

Anonymous said...

Baroness Shirley Williams, an official Advisor on Nuclear Proliferation to the Government, is far too low in this ranking -- she's a formidable force in the media and behind close doors. Ask Sir Ming, who blames Shirley for his ouster as leader when they all attended a dinner party with party leaders. Shirley said it politely, but she said it, i.e. you're out. Also, Shirley Williams' autobiography, CLIMBING THE BOOKSHELVES, is getting a lot of buzz.... although Shirley has been in politics for 50 years, she is very much current and indeed a force to be reckon with.

Robert Eve said...

Chris Fox? Do me a favour!!

Ted said...

Oh come on - I don't even know who number 4 is. What's the point of counting to 50?

thebluelawnmower said...

Where is Cyril Smith ?

Anonymous said...

Lord Shutt? Is that a typo?

Richard Edwards said...

Who? Who?

Victor, NW Kent said...

I am happy to be able to boast that I have not heard of 11 members of this top 25 list.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Who the hell are these people?

Is this some kind of elaborate joke?

Sir Edward Heath said...

"The Top Fifty Most Influential Liberal Democrats." Where is David Cameron on the list? Hee! Hee! Hee!

Anonymous said...

That can't be right for Charles Kennedy?! Surely he's far more influential than the idiot table suggests.

Many, such as myself, still hold him in high self-esteem.

Major Plonquer said...

I don't think the Liberal Democlits are good for democracy. Simply put they are too expensive. Just think how much it would cost if they ever came to power. Even the cost of replacing the seats in the House of Commons with fences to sit on would be too much.

Anonymous said...

As someone previously said, the Literal Democraps are a farce to be reckoned with.

St Bruno said...

It's a pity they can't find a more useful job!

Mr Angry said...

The point is, of course, that, with the exception of Cable and arguably Clegg and Huhne, absolutely nobody has heard of most of these individuals who have certainly failed to impinge on the national consciousness let alone distinguish themselves in any meaningful way.