Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quote of the Day: Peter Mandelson

"Jack Straw in neither here nor there."
Peter Mandelson, Sunday Times, 27/9/09

Talking about Jack Straw distancing himself from plans to allow
Peers to renounce their peerages to sit in the Commons


Unknown said...

The PMs comment on jack grass, is he discribing the goverments policy

Martin said...

Or maybe:

Jack Straw is neither here nor there, he's everywhere.

Anonymous said...

And Mandy is?

Unknown said...

And mandy is the real PM

True Belle said...

Yes, but Mandy is a dedicated follower of fashion (Oh yes he is)

Anonymous said...

'Jack Straw is neither here nor there' implies that he has no say in the matter, well thats s I read it.

Is Mandy really keen then to renounce and stand as MP?

If so I think you should do the right thing by the country and get yourself short-listed for Durham rather than Bracknell (or persuade Matthew Parris).

The comment also points out the level of power Mandelson feels he has.
Frightening to think that Brown and Mandelson have untrammelled power to run Britain right now (did I miss an 'i' out of 'run'?).
And to think people thought that the plot for 'House of Cards' was far fetched!

BTS said...

There on the stair, right there..

Russell said...

Jack Straw in neither here nor there

You put your left foot in, your right foot out...

Mike Law said...

What, no comments about Mandy stating he would work for a Conservative Government as "it would be serving the country"?

I'm speechless; does he really think that he has a talent set that makes him indispensable to the wellbeing of the nation?

Awful, awful man with a bizarre sense of loyalty.

john miller said...

LOL Jack Straw "in" neither here nor there? Better correct that one pdq ID. I'm sure Straw didn't want to be "in" there in the first place!

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

Also read today in the ST that Mandy is willing to take a job under the Tories.

Cameron should put the kibosh on this in no uncertain terms.

One compelling reason to vote Tory is to get sleazy self-serving people like Mandelson out of office.

If there is a chance he would return to any kind of official post under Cameron there is no way I wold vote Tory

Prodicus said...

... is...

David Lindsay said...

Have you asked yourselves what Mandelson finds so attractive about the Cameron Tories?

Like Andrew Adonis and the vile James Purnell, that unrepentant old stalwart of the Young Communist League, Peter Mandelson, has obviously been offered a Cabinet job under Cameron, and has obviously accepted it.

Adonis can keep his present one and be in that position. Purnell’s departure was not for that reason, and came many months after the situation became perfectly plain. Indeed, Adonis was promoted to Cabinet long after his deal with Cameron was made public to minimal comment, so unremarkable has such a thing now become.

The Cameroons’ favourite think tank, other than that forgers’ den owned by the Blairite-praising Michael Gove, was one of several continuation operations created out of the rubble of the Communist Party of Great Britain. However, it appointed an unrepentant old Trotskyist from back in the day, Geoff Mulgan, as its Director.

Since it combined the Stalinist and Trotskyist heritages, and since it did so at the heart of faaaashionable London’s pseudo-academia, its influence over New Labour was massive, almost incalculable.

And now, its influence over the New Tories, who have in George Osborne a Number Two and Heir Apparent without one per cent of the independent brain power of Gordon Brown, is set to be at least as great.

Mulgan, meanwhile, is on for a peerage and Ministerial office under Cameron. Without repudiating even the tiniest detail of his past. Well, of course not.

Britain is now a one-party state.

LM said...

good luck in Bracknell

Anonymous said...


The suggestion that Jack Straw might be "in" anywhere related to Mandy is one you might wish to correct.

I believe that Mr Straw has previously confirmed his heterosexual credentials with a lady called, IIRC, Fiona.

Neil A said...

I think DC should offer Mandy a job as a spin doctor, with special responsibility for smearing Labour politicians with all the dirt he's collected over the last 20 years...

Hamish said...

The biter bit.
Can't get a seven word quotation right.
Been imbibing today?

Paul Walter said...

"Jack Straw in neither here nor there."

To paraphrase Bill Clinton, it depends on what the meaning of "in" is.

Cynic said...

After this ringing endorsement I presume that it was Jack who had a word with the security guards at the Conference.

Anonymous said...

Jack Straw is Politics own Vicar of Bray !

cassandra said...

I would like to be a fly on the wall during the meeting between Cameron and Mandelson where Mandy offers his 'services' to Cameron.

Mandelsons loyalty extends exactly as far as Mandelsons own interests and the EU didnt go to all that effort and expense to implant a special 'enforcement & compliance' commissar at the centre of UK politics only to have him booted out in a few months.
Oooh yes, Mandelson is the EUs man in the UK, he isnt elected yet holds the real power and the EU just loves that kind of satrap to deal with. Was anyone really fooled about just why Mandy upped sticks and walked into a position of real power in the UK without being elected to anything?
When Brown went to the EU for his political bailout the EU godfathers demanded a hefty price and his name was Peter.
Mandelson will/has already made silky overtures to Cameron for a post in his regime.
The true flavour and intentions of the new Tory administration can be judged on the future of Peter Mandelson, IF Peter has any sort of role political role when Cameron chairs his first cabinet meeting then we will know that peter is in fact an EU overseer.
Will he haunt the corridors of power like some grotesque Marleys ghost clanking the chains of the EU constitution?

Ian Simcox said...

Surely Obama Beach's quote against Andrew Marr has to be up there.

Marr: I've got the figures here
GB: You can pull out any figures you like but no figures are definite...

Brilliant. So he admits the forecasts are nonsense. If they don't know what's going to happen then why predict massive booming growth. If you're uncertain then you prepare for the worst then anything else is a bonus.

You can tell that Gordo doesn't take criticism well because he interrupts any question that isn't 'so, tell us how brilliant you are'.

cassandra said...

David Lindsay,

The uncomfortable reality you show will be proven IF Cameron offers a job to Mandelson in his government.
There should be no place whatsover in a Tory government for someone so obviously discredited,unworthy and wholly unsuitable for political office of any kind, he is as trustworhty as a scorpian.

IF Peter is sitting at the same cabinet table as Cameron at their first sitting post election then we will know that the UK has been stolen in a coup.

David Lindsay said...

We should have worked that one out a long time ago, Cassandra. Some of us did. said...

I would like Peter Mandelson's opinion on the following proposal with regards European Trade & ‘Human Rights’.

I suggest he looks at the promotion of a scheme to ethically label the packaging of goods and imports, into the EU, a voluntary scheme for any company wishing to use a simple universally recognized mark, and prove by audit the origin of their goods.

I suggest simply; certifying commercial goods to say, that the originating country is a state which conforms to the articles of the Universal Charter on Human Rights, and allowing the use of a registered mark on its packaging.

A Simple system, with simple audits, and the articles of Universal Charter of Human Rights as a standard , eventually allowing the consumer to decide if they care about human rights abroad.
My opinion is that the consumer should be free to choose what they buy, with the choice of not supporting the economy of governments which suppress civil liberties.

I am sick of diplomats saying they will change the countries from within, or that short term intermittent sanctions will work.

I do not think such a scheme as this will happen overnight, and because of the time this campaign will take to gain momentum, concerns about the well being of the population affected by sharp changes in the market will be diminished.

I hope that slowly in the same way that Fairtrade pushed producers to reconsider their operations, this scheme may coerce vicious regimes to consider their actions, but from a profit motive.

I ask Lord Mandelson , what he thinks of this proposal?

Gordon Kennedy
Dagenham Uk