Thursday, January 03, 2008

Vote in the December Political Performance Index

Last month I launched a new monthly list - the Political Performance Index, which gives you the chance to rate how the top 40 politicians in the country are performing. The list includes members of the Cabinet, Shadow Cabinet, LibDem front bench, minor party leaders and a few other political personalities. Essentially, all you have to do is mark them all out of ten for their performance over the last month. Please don't just automatically give high marks to the politicians from the party you support - try to be as dispassionate as possible. Obviously I don't pretend that the readership of this blog is representative of the country as a whole - 55% of you vote Tory, after all! So if you are from another party and have a blog, please do link to this survey and encourage your readers to take part. I'd like to get at least 2,000 people taking part each month.

I have shortened the survey to include 40 politicians, rather than the 100 that were in the November survey.

You should give marks from 1 to 10 (1 being the worst) for how you rate each politician's performance during the month of November.

Click HERE to take the survey.


Anonymous said...

How can we really vote on any of them since 99.9% do f'all anyway (except appear in the papers, or on tv, talking complete and utter cr*p)!

Anonymous said...

Another list?

Anonymous said...


Good point

Why are we being forced to give them a positive figure at all? Most of them deserve negative ones.

In other words

Zero is far to good for most of them.

Anonymous said...

And another thing

Why is the only real noticeable conservative politician in the universe right now Ron Paul, not on the list?

Ron Paul for president and Prime minister.

One can only dream these days.

Iain Dale said...

Atlas, look at your Atlas. Last time I looked, Ron Paul wasn't a British politician...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately there wasn't a minus figure I could give Brown so I had to settle for "1" which seems overly generous. Can we have the option for minus scores in future index please ?

Anonymous said...

Surely not yet another boring survey - yawn!

Anonymous said...

" You should give marks from 1 to 10 (1 being the worst) for how you rate each politician's performance during the month of November. "

December surely. Also on the actual survey it says the poll will close at midnight December 2nd.

Anonymous said...

Iain I might sometimes write a load of rubbish. But don't take the piss out of my intelligence, please.

It was an attempt at irony, was that not obvious?

However the point is that US Presidents have at least as much influence on our governments policies then our own Prime ministers.

If Ron Paul did somehow win in the states, there would have taken place a quite world revolution, not seen ever before. A revolution that would have an effect on us greater then a biblical flood of revolutions.

Ron Paul could indeed win. The chances are not high but the fact he has come even this close should warm the cockles of every true conservative and libertarian under Gordon Browns sun god.

The fact that a so called Conservative party blogger does not seem to support a true conservative even if he could end up sitting on his Party's face. Does not surprise me, but it does still worry me.

Wish him well as often as possible. Not only the life of our country may rely on his victory. But maybe our actual lives as well.

Remember that Ron Paul gets a large slice of his support from the internet and virtually none whatsoever from multi-national big business corporations.

I think you would agree that people who use the internet for political reasons are on average far better informed then is the general public. Who largely rely on the BBC and the MSM for their opinions on just about everything.

There is an elephant in the kitchen sized reason, for these facts.

"Freedom is still very popular," even in the UK. Please tell Cameron before its too late.

Anonymous said...

'Freedom is still popular in the UK'- but don't tell the politicians! For a start- do the people wish to be governed by the EU? Do the people wish for 'unlimited immigration' into the UK with population projections DOUBLING the population within a matter of decades (with consequences for natural resources- etc)? Do the people wish for their communities to be blighted with worsening ASB? Do the people wish for their 'culture' to be eliminated by stealth for the benefit of incomers? Well, the answer to all the above is no. Any politician that tells you otherwise is a liar. What i'd like to know is that in yougov polls there is a series of questions asking which political party identifies with YOUR pov on a series of topics- i wonder if 'none of the above' comes out on top?

Unknown said...

I think these surveys are the most boring bit of this blog, even more tedious than the stuff about West Ham. More gossip, fewer lists please!!!