Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Labour MPs Boycott Hain

There is an opposition day debate at the moment on national insurance numbers and migrants. Peter Hain is in attendance as it covers his area of policy. My parliamentary informat tells me that the debate is due to finish at 4pm but will probably finish earlier as the Labour whips cannot get enough speakers to fill the time. No one wants to support Peter Hain, apparently. The whips have not gone beyond cajoling. It's now got to the threats and blackmail stage. Poor Peter Hain. Let someone put him out of his misery, for goodness sake.


Anonymous said...

You know when the Tories are struggling. They turn their focus on to migrants. How predictable, Caulston is becoming very easy to read these days.

SSSSSHHHHH, Dont mention Gideons half million.

Prediction: Hain will survive; once you get over the first Sunday and the first 10 days your're past the point. Get over it.

Looking at the Parliment channel, and there doesnt seem to be many Tory MPs either, does this mean they have given up trying to get Hain

David Boothroyd said...

I guess you missed Welsh Office questions when Paul Flynn, who is nobody's fool (especially not the whips) and will always speak his mind, gave Peter Hain very strong support indeed.

The key point which seems to have been missed is that the whole story only happened because Hain himself discovered it and declared the forgotten donations. Hypothetically, when the issue came up late last year, he could have decided not to bother asking about the finances of his campaign. He could have decided to try to hush it up in the hope that no-one would notice (and they probably wouldn't). Instead he made late declarations, knowing it would lead to him being accused of god-knows-what. So his campaign financing may have been incompetent but he is clearly fundamentally honest.

Newmania said...

But don`t the others also have to go then Iain, same crime only a matter of degree.

Anonymous said...

seeing him at welsch questions was painful. he is a laughing stock in the country and broon is doing more damage keeping him. another shoddy nulab episode of sleaze

Anonymous said...

A quick red hot poker up the backside should do it.

Anonymous said...

'He could have decided not to bother asking about the finances of his campaign' ???? WTF????

Mr Boothroyd, you need help, you have lost your moral compass along with your Great Leader and his Great Companions.

anthonynorth said...

No, let him squirm a while longer.

Anonymous said...


Who is this 'Caulston' you keep referring to?

You have the voice of a chippy deprived ex comp school dropout.

I blame Shirley Williams for your condition.

Old BE said...

the whole story only happened because Hain himself discovered it

Hain and Guido Fawkes, one before the other.

Unsworth said...

@ David Boothroyd

"Hain himself discovered it"

Yep, many weeks after the blogosphere had already published the story and a few short hours before the Commission was about to ask the questions.

All this garbage about how Hain is incompetent and actually had made the horrifying discovery and taken steps is patently untrue. Just scrutinise the timelines. Hain is not 'incompetent' - otherwise he should be fired from his many jobs. He's a not particularly clever chancer - and has been since boyhood. I speak as one who has a little insight into his early years.

Naturally the boyos will rally round. Individually they have far too much to lose. But there are some in Wales and elsewhere who see him for what he really is.

In the meantime he's just one more soiled NuLab Minister of State desperately clinging to his sinecures. He's a liability for Brown and an entertainment for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

keegan is newcastle manager - madness

Windsor Tripehound said...

No, let him squirm a while longer.

Exactly. Leave him there as a continuing embarrassment to NooLab.

Anonymous said...


Please give me a pint of whatever that nice Mr Boothroyd's been having....

Anonymous said...

"The whips have not gone beyond cajoling. It's now got to the threats and blackmail stage."

This is a contradiction in terms - what do you mean ? Please clarify.

Anonymous said...

Jimbo and David,

You are both loyally defending Hain because he's a leading member of your team. That is admirable up to a point but I do wonder, if either of you were in the deep and sticky as he is now, would he loyally defend you? Would Brown, come to that?

Anonymous said...

ray honeyford said...

Who is this 'Caulston' you keep referring to?

One Andy Coulson, the new Tory Spin doctor. He's the bloke who brief's The Tax Payers Alliance and Guido when he has some fictious story to peddle.

Anonymous said...

When the boss publicly defends you by saying you are incompetent he cannot keep employing you past the next reshuffle.

This may not be as spectacular as an immediate sacking.

Anonymous said...

Re Jimbo and David Boothroyd:

They must be waiting breathlessly, poised over their keyboards, eager to rebut your posts for their Labour masters.
What a crap job!

Anonymous said...


You are clearly unaware of the issue. The DWP has given NI numbers to people who are not legally entitled to them. They then worked in the security industry. As someone who trusts his life to security people on a regular basis I can tell you I am not impressed.

However the point is that the DWP is as incompetent as Hain. Why is mentioning this a sign of Conservative struggles? Surely it is a Labour problem?

Anonymous said...

I see that the BBC is reporting that two Labour MPs, John Mann and Kevan Jones, have referred 80 tories to the electoral commission.
for failing to properly declare various donations.

It seems that Labour are desperate to try to give the opinion that Hain is not alone.

He is... it was £100,000, that he solicited himself and failed to declare at all.

All of this trying to equate Hains crimes with possible small errors that others have made show Labour as a party that does not recognise the seriousness of what Hain has done - he broke their Law!

Anonymous said...

Roughly 1:3 Tory MPs reported to the Elctoral Commission, is this move to muddy the waters around Hain, Alexander and Harman. Is there some particularly bad news for the Labour Party about to break?

Could the two MPs concerned be done for wasting the EC's time if nothing came to light?

The whole move is very, very odd.

Anonymous said...


Glad to be informed. I would never have guessed.

I think you are related to our Gazza from Stoke.

Keep up the good fight.

Anonymous said...

Jimbo said -

"One Andy Coulson, the new Tory Spin doctor. He's the bloke who brief's...."

So, Dimbo, you pathetic troll, not only can you not spell correctly, you clearly have problems with punctuation as well.

Don't you think you're maybe posting out of your depth on blogs like this?

Not much of an advert for a NuLab educashun are you?

Anonymous said...

EutHainasia seems to be in order, but who would want his rotten, corrupt innards donated to their body?

Geezer said...

Reading a David Boothroyd posting, is like entering the blogasphere twighlight zone or a parallel universe.