Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. James Schneider asks if the 'Filipino Monkey' was in the Straits of Hormuz...
2. Franck Guillory on the new Excuse My French blog has news on Sarko's marriage.
3. Iain Duncan Smith is a gay icon according to Peter Whittle on He will be pleased.
4. Harry's Place asks why Ken Livingstone is so 'weird and nasty'.
5. Nadine Dorries explains why she is so popular among Labour MPs.
6. Hillary Clinton becomes a trolley dolly courtesy of Three Line Whip.
7. Red Box takes Patricia Hewitt to task over her new job with Boots.
8. Paul Linford on the return of King Kev.
9. Anthony Barnett on Our Kingdom has a train story. It's catching.
10. A new blog from Baroness Ros Scott. It has the wonderful title of Because Baronesses are People Too.
11. Ellee Seymour has a rather worrying train story. No more train stories. Promise.
12. Tim Ireland has completed his submission (in video format) to the Home Office arguing against the SOCPA laws preventing demonstrations around Parliament.


Anonymous said...

So IDS a gay icon, whats your opinion Iain...

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered why there are so many gay Conservatives, actually.

Anonymous said...

Gor Blimey! I'm watching Question Time and Kevin McGuire is slagging off the Labour Government.
And Louise Bagshawe is a star. Give her a safe seat!

nadds said...

blimey, Guido's down

What's going on?

Has Brown sorted out a DNS attack?

James Schneider said...

Thank you very much for the link Iain.

Anonymous said...

guido has been attacked by jacqui smiths new internet rules

Tim said...

Thank you for the link, Iain. I hope you're feeling better.

Iain Dale said...

Anonymous at 10.44. Er, possibly best if I don't comment!

Anonymous 11.02 - or LibDems, or Labour supporters.

Tim, I support what you are trying to achieve.

Tim said...

"Tim, I support what you are trying to achieve."

But, as we've discussed, I'm of the view that more Tories should accept some responsibility for the mess (as it's the only way they can discuss the matter with any credibility) and actually do more about it than use it as a sometime weapon against Labour.

Too often the police and the government (and I don't group those two lightly) get away with passing this off as a piffling issue with The Difficult Squad.

One thing in particular that would be of help would be the mobilisation of the team of Westminster-watchers that feed this blog and Paul's. Instead of watching from a distance, perhaps some of these people can chip in by keeping an eye out for lawbreakers on College Green.

Anonymous said...

That piece by Peter Whittle is as patronising as it is full of cliche. Gay people can't make decsions based on logic, Oh No, it's the costumes that count. I'm insulted!

Anonymous said...

Number 3 (IDS a gay icon): what a load of old sloblock! I, for one, did not join the Tory Party because of "theatricals"; it only picked up these stupid habits post-1990.

Exactly the sort of patronising nonsense to put off gay people who have joined - either because they believe in "personal liberty" (whatever that means), or because they don't define themselves by their sexuality.

Someone put these Mail-esque columnists back in their boxes before Montgomerie alienates everyone who isn't an Evangelical Thatcherite (id est, >95% of the population).