Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Daley Dozen (Tuesday)

1. Dizzy gives his heroes and zeroes of 2007.
2. Daniel Hannan on his Eurostar nightmare.
3. The Devil has some "enviroloon" quotes.
4. Donal Blaney on Bhutto family "feudalism" and "Cameron's Bone"
5. Chris Whiteside on British identity
6. Benedict White on Jack Dromey & the Kenyan elections
7. Ed Vaizey's new year's resolutions involve more regular blogging. Heard that one before, Ed!
8. Tony Harnden has the latest from the Iowa Caucuses
9. Plain old Mike Rouse has a new look - next step, the bod!
10. Newmania isn't impressed by Brian Paddick's attack on Boris
11. Cranmer reveals his New Year's Honours List
12. Tom Watson wishes himself a Happy New Year, possibly because no one else has. Let me be the first to wish Tom all the best in 2008. Nice graphic too.


Newmania said...

Nice of you to notice my efforts. I feel there is Karma here because I actually lugged myself out to deliver some leaflets today.

Confusion to Norman Baker

Anonymous said...

Don't be too hard on Ed Vaizey - he gets a bad enough time from those of us that comment on his blog!

Benedict White said...

I am pleased to see my analysis of the Kenyan elections ticked you :)