Thursday, September 20, 2007

How Many Bureaucrats Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?


Or more specifically how long does it take? Well, in Parliament it would appear that it can take a very long time – 16 days in fact. How? Well let’s have a look at the process as recounted by a friend who spent over two works working in the dark in an unnamed office:

"Day 1: Place the request for a new bulb with the Parliamentary Works Directorate.

Day 3: Ring up two days later to complain at the lack of action. To my surprise the guy on the end of the phone replies that he has 14 days - yes 14!! - before the work has to be completed.

Day 4: Receive an email stating the work had been completed. I stare at the wall and the broken light bulb. More phone calls.

Day 16: 16 days and 3 phone calls later one doddery looking handymen/random guy off the street turns up, takes one look, shakes his head and decides he needs a ladder. Returns with ladder and chum in tow. More deliberation. With live current surging through the fitting he proceeds to take out a screw driver and start prodding. The two men disappear. Return with new light bulb and fit it. Cue 'and there was light jokes' from both. Job well done boys."

Another example of effective service delivery brought to you by parliament – how reassuring


Chris Paul said...

And who exactly are you blaming here? Your dim friend?

Matthew Revell said...

Is it too much to ask an MP to change the lightbulb him/herself?

Shane Greer said...


It's not about blame. It's simply an amusing story about it taking 16 days for a light to be changed.

Anonymous said...

so 'amusing' it was posted twice.

Hurry back Dale.

Chris Paul said...

How long does it take how many organ grinder's monkeys to correct a blogpost headline?? And just how careless does one need to be to leave the typos in it even after seven hours?

weeks working

workman singular

TRS ' before jokes not after

[pedantic] 'phone x2

three [/pedantic]

sure it is your man's mistakes (apart from "two works working") but it is Iain's blog where mistakes are never made and when made are sometimes rectified, or not, but typos yes

to blog it or not to blog it?

retain grabs for future use?

Anonymous said...

in what way is a light bulb man a bureaucrat?