Monday, September 24, 2007

Just a Thought...

Can someone explain why the LabourParty Conference banner is using the French flag? The BBC politics page is having a 'Brown-gasm' today - 16 mentions of his name and two pics.


Daily Referendum said...

Make that three pics.

Anonymous said...

This is a rather specious point - it is the Labour conference at the moment - would you be expecting them not to have several stories about the Tories next week ??

Anonymous said...

Youre being very silly now Iain, the banner is obviously a Union Jack

Anonymous said...

If you think it is the French flag I think you need your eyes tested!

Anonymous said...

The Auld Alliance, alive and well?

Anonymous said...

Shame The Telegraph has a Brown gasm every day these days

Croydonian said...

I think it looks more like the Dutch flag.

Anonymous said...

Yes but Gordon had a blue background behind him and mentioned British or Britishness 71 times in his speech to conference(more than Mrs T ever did) and didn't mention Blair until 40 minutes into his speech and then only in passing as Middle East envoy.

The rest was pure baloney and historonics(particularly him stating that anyone selling drugs or using a gun will be deported - sorry Gordon a small matter of the Human Rights Act which your party passed into UK law may stop you doing this)

Actually come to think of it think of it from his speech he could actually have been a centre right Tory leader addressing a Conservative conference. Vairy Interesting as they say !

Anonymous said...

16 mentions of His name

The new Daily Browngraph's doing just the same thing. A sustained love-in, viz:
"Gordon Brown to build 'Britain of aspiration'"
"Brown won't rule out autumn election"
"Brown rebukes Northern Rock for bonuses"
"Peter Mandelson ends feud with Brown"
"Gordon Brown's vision in quotes"
"Voters believe Brown has healed divisions "
"Sketch: Brown gets on with the job"
"Analysis: How Brown has eclipsed Blair"

Anyone know just what the hell is happening at the DT these days?

Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail home page has 11 mentions of Brown's name right now.

Is that a Browngasm, too?

Or just normal news coverage during a Labour Party conference of a PM who knows what he is doing?

Anonymous said...

I think the Telegraphs takeover by the Labour supporting Barclay brothers is whats happening.

Anonymous said...

The Barclay brothers (prop: Daily Browngraph) were never really Conservatives.

They are just showing their true colours at the most opportune(for them)time.


bernard said...

No it's not OBVIOUSLY a Union Jack, and ID is right in his 'just a thought' moment.
The banner is meant to be ambivalent and surreptitiously all inclusive.
It could be anywhere from Thailand to Paraguay, and many countries in between, esp. flash Gordon's favourite....good 'old fashioned' Russia.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Browngraph should at least print an unambiguous statement from its editorial team, making the change of political allegiance clear, for the benefit of any deluded readers who are still under the impression that the paper supports the Conservative cause.

Lobster Blogster said...

Interesting! I found 29 mentions and two pics on your blog. Do you think they should mention him more?

William Bonnaud Dowell said...

I see there are now 4 pictures of brown on the BBC UK Politics link (at 22:09). I couldn't imagine it not being the case that David Cameron will be equally represented when the time comes... We shall see.

Newmania said...

On the BBC Iain you might be interested in the article in the Media Guardian today by lefty tart Peter Wilby.
‘Why Right wingers are on the warpath ‘, it follows the current left formula of claiming he gets a bit peeved with the BBC as well, but due to his greater commitment to impartial truth he will put up with it ….,( insert own swear word). His thesis is that the papers are now competing with the BBC on unfair terms on the internet which is why the are especially vituperative…(good point but not for the BBC methinks ), and then there is a nice demonstration of why the BBC simply cannot continue in its current form.

I quote ( with comments I could not resist)

“ But let us be clear what is happening here( he says ) . A business strategy has come happily together with a political agenda . And the aim of the latter is to later the definition of the ‘middle ground ‘ (No just to present it as what it is ) in British life , moving it to the right of any government of the past thirty years ( I think he means the last ten years ….). This would include debating the reintroduction of the gallows ( and why not !!!); raising the temperature on immigration and race relations (Would the truth do that then ? ).; and treating withdrawal from the European Union as a serious option ( In the sense the country does you mean ?). Most important it includes taking a neutral position on global warming and airing the view that it is the invention of climate scientists who are all dedicated anti capitalists .( Well…..I wouldn’t out it like that but …basically yes it is unbalanced as it is ).

(Now this is the key passage in which we see what he think of those who are sceptical of eco fascists or socially conservative in various ways )

I accept that a significant minority of Britons agree with the sceptics ( So significant that it is in fact a majority). Significant minorities are also sceptical of Darwinism, Arab ( does he mean Muslims ?) responsibility for 9.11 and Elvis Presley’s death.

What significant minority disputes Darwinism ?0.5% ?
Can he really claim that scepticism of certain well financed and politically motivated models of climate change is the same as dismissing all of science in effect on the basis of religious belief (which creationism does ) ?Rubbish it is now common knowledge that at the very least exaggerated claim have been made this is a dispute more akin to differing models of Darwinism such as punctuated equilibrium and so on.
Who disputes responsibility for 9.11 A small brain washed religious community of no significance whatsoever.
Who disputes the death of Elvis . Mad people

Who supports the death penalty …about 70%
Who is strongly sceptical of Europe …The majority( hence no referendum,)
Who feels that immigration is too high . Almost everyone !!!

His version of the middle ground requires the subjective belief that various shades of opinion held by the majority and of all educational levels and back grounds are in some way of less value that his beliefs. They can be dismissed in the way a tiny minority of religious extremists and loons can be dismissed. The only possible explanation is that he thinks he is better than everyone lese. I believe the contrary view, that he us an arrogant fatuous and barely adult level communists, should be available as well . I tend to the latter position personally

Anonymous said...

Iain, silly: it's the Pepsi flag!