Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Top Ten Other Guarantees the Government Should Give


Our Top Ten List on Vox Politix tonight will be the TOP TEN OTHER GUARANTEES THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD GIVE. Your suggestions please...


Anonymous said...

That I will pay back that tenner I borrowed from my mate last week

Ned said...

Reinstate State Pensions in line with Earnings and.... when the government representative says we have raised the State Pensions... say... we don't want the demeaning 'means tested' (MIG)handouts.
All Pensioners are entitled to a reasonable Basic State pension.

Madasafish said...

Free sex for all over 60s on a Friday night.

Dusanne said...

...that all guarantees in future election manifestos will be worth the paper they are written on.

Anonymous said...

I will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Ned said...

Added rider.....If the government says, as it will, they have lifted x millions pensioners out of 'real poverty'...retort, maybe, but have left x millions in 'relative poverty'!

Daily Referendum said...

That they won't sell our gold off for next to nothing.

That they won't raid pensions.

That they won't cut the defence budget.

That they won't fudge hospital waiting list figures.

That they won't fudge crime figures.

That they won't waste our money.

That they won't let prisoners out early because they have failed to build enough prisons.

That they won't let non-English MPs vote on English matters.

That they won't restrict medicines to English patients that are given to Scottish ones.

That they will not spend £1,500 per head/year more on the Scottish than the English.

That if the promise a Referendum on the EU Treaty we bloody-well get one.

Sir Dando Tweakshafte said...

That (like those of Lake Wobegon) all of our school children will be above average.

That the value of our investments cannot go down as well as up, and that we will always get our money back.

That people on railway station platforms wearing anoraks will inherit the Earth, at the very least, with Mastership of the Universe to be phased in when funds permit.

That Trinny and Susannah will be available to all on the NHS.

That the Postcode Lottery will start paying out proper cash prizes instead of all these crummy cancer drugs.

Hughes Views said...

That they'll never let the Tories win another general election (mind you they're getting a lot of help on this one).

Anonymous said...

That Maggie will be given an ASBO keeping her 100 yards from Downing Street at all times.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I can't put together a coherent post. I am speechless. Why just banks? Why not every business? Where is their logical argument? The Government has intervened to save a company owned by shareholders. Why is Northern Rock special? Why would they not save my local little plumbing company owned by the plumber and his wife? You may say the answer is obvious, but is it? What logical definition do you put in place to distinguish them between them? The only answer that springs to my mind is that it is politically expedient. So now the Government can save any company it chooses. This means we now have a communist state, as some companies will be state subsidised. Why doesn't anyone see the consequenses of this Governments actions anymore? Why are we all so blind?