Monday, September 17, 2007

LibDems Hire New Communications Consultant?


Spin is one thing, but then there’s LibDem spin. According to Ed Davey who’s on work experience with the LibDems the LibDem’s chief of campaigns the party is ready to fight a general election. Indeed contrary to appearances the party has been preparing for an election fight for the past year (you could have fooled me).

With spin of this kind one could be forgiven for wondering whether the party machine has in fact lost all grip on reality. But maybe it’s something else entirely, maybe they are acutely aware of the situation they face and have opted to hire a communications consultant the like of which British politics has not before seen; a consultant who can stare reality in the face and without even the faintest flicker of a smile tell all who will listen that something entirely different is taking place; a consultant like Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf, better known to us all as Comical Ali – Iraq’s Information Minister during the 2003 invasion.

It’s certainly a tough sell the LibDems have on their hands, but if anyone’s up to the task it has to be Comical Ali; after all who can forget great lines like:

  • "I triple guarantee you, there are no American soldiers in Baghdad."; and
  • "NO! We have retaken the airport. There are NO Americans there. I will take you there and show you— in one hour!"

Comical Ali, the saviour of the LibDems?


Alan Douglas said...

Shane, I trust Iain will advise us when you start your own blog, you have been a hilarious read for the past few days.

Thank you.

Alan Douglas

Anonymous said...

Chief of campaigns in upbeat statement shock! No surprise there then.

Blogger makes feeble comparison with a discredited spokesman. No surprise there then...

Anonymous said...

I don't care if it was meant to be funny, why is every thread about the irrelevant, deeply boring LibDems? WHO CARES? Could we get something relevant to chew on, please?

And face it: the Lib Dems cannot be made to be funny. They just can't.

Anonymous said...

Worst blog post ever. As funny as leukemia.

Anonymous said...

"Spin is one thing"

Clumsy spin is quite another. When does Iain get back?

Nich Starling said...

It's odd how someone so inept in you view was able to overturn a Tory majority of well over 12,000 votes.

Oh, don't mention that. Sorry.

Barnacle Bill said...

I thought Gb had blagged Comical Ali for financial spokesperson for the Treasury?