Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Guide to Blogging 2007: Top 30 Non Aligned Blogs

The GUIDE TO POLITICAL BLOGGING 2007 is published this week. Featured among the 288 pages are a myriad of blog lists. Now for the TOP 30 NON ALIGNED BLOGS. This list was voted for by my blog readers. The full list of the Top 100 appears in the book.
It is hard to define what constitutes a ‘non-aligned blog’ and inevitably it is subjective. For example, most people would consider Pickled Politics to be on the left, politically. However, I think it deserves its non-aligned status as it tries to avoid being party political. The Campaign for an English Parliament blog may be considered to be on the right, but it also goes out of its way to praise left of centre politicians who agree with its aims.
Political Betting has a very loyal and growing readership. It is one of the few blogs to maintain a civilised standard of debate at all times. It’s a bit like the House of Lords. If someone transgresses its rules they are quickly dealt with by the regulars. In July 2007 it achieved a record 750,000 page downloads. It probably has many fewer unique visitors than more conventional blogs but some of them stay on the site for much of the day and may press reload more than one hundred times. Political Betting is one of the few blogs read by most of the political lobby and by many MPs of all parties. It deserves its pole position.
Many of the blogs in this list are specialist. Two of the pre-eminent ones are Slugger O’Toole whose coverage of Irish politics is beyond comparison, and the NHS Blog Doctor whose experiences as a GP in the NHS are often truly horrifying. Rachel from North London has made her name for her superb writings in the aftermath of the 7/7 bombs. She was in one of the trains which were blown up. The UK Polling Report’s influence is likely to grow as an election draws nearer and the Revolts blog, run by Nottingham academic Philip Cowley is attracting a growing readership. It analyses parliamentary rebellions. Philip Cowley, truly is the political equivalent of Statto. It’s interesting to note the lack of political academic with blogs. Darren Lilleker is the only other one in this list, while Bill Jones runs a Labour supporting blog. Do academics consider blogs beneath them? I’d have thought they were an ideal platform for them.
What follows is only the Top 30. The full list of 100 appears in the book.


Anonymous said...

UK POLLING has gone downhill badly in the last year. It appears to have a very tight knit group of people posting each day, numbering only a dozen or so. Postings are often distant and irrelevant to the seat or topic which they relate too, and invariably lack colour and excitement in debate.
I am surprised it is in the listings.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, who the hell 'voted' for us at number 20? I'd worry for their sanity. We've barely had a post there this decade.

Chris Paul said...

Meanwhile ... Bob Piper is back albeit with intermittent service. Are you going to cover that? he has a cracking story about Lib Con budget scape goats today. Insufficient citizens are using Brum crem services.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean FRED about UK polling report and I certainly don't go there to read the posts, but actually I still think it is one of the more useful blogs for its information on seats.

Newmania said...

How is Pickled Politics not alligned. Its a lefty nest of corruption fitted with intellectual marshmallows for gumming in the staff room...yum yum yes teachers are supply side entrepreneurs ,...yum yum.

Its quite good actually ( in a crappy way)

Anonymous said...

26 Miserable Old Fart "

is someone we know doubling-up?

Anonymous said...

>Do academics consider blogs beneath them? I’d have thought they were an ideal platform for them.

I'd have thought that they may blog on subject not on politics.

Normblog is academic, no?

Chris said...

The Campaign for an English Parliament is for anybody who favours democracy. New Labour, with its vested business interests, unelected quangoes, health apartheid, West Lothian Question, etc, is far more "on the right" these days.

Anonymous said...

Miserable Old fart is a centre right Welsh nationalist.

James Higham said...

Some people in two lists but some good ones here as well.

Anonymous said...

It's an honour to be included. Thanks to those who voted for us and thanks to you, Iain, for all your work putting this together. We shall be awarding the Dodo some extra tambalacoque fruit and some extra straw for its nest.

Dr Mustard said...

Thank you!

At Dr Rant we often get accused of being 'lefty' because we dare to discuss the posibility that 'markets aren't the answer to everything, and certainly not the NHS!

We are 'non-alligned' in as much as we'll take a pop at at anyone, event the Tories. Having said that, they'd have to actually come up with some health policies first.