Saturday, September 22, 2007

Politics Translated

Gordon Brown writes in tomorrow's News of the World


An election is in the offing.

More on the News 24 paper review tonight at 11.45pm.


barry monk said...

A medical friend has just sent me this:
Yesterday evening I had an insight into the workings of Nulabours "consultation" process on the planned closure of NHS District General Hospitals and replacement with dumbed down polyclinics.

A few weeks ago invitations to attend a public consultation were sent to consultants at our Trust. We were only given one day to reply for the meeting in the near future even though we have to give 6 weeks notice of leave because of "choose and book".

Obviously this meant that most of us could not attend but one consultant did take up the invitation.

The location of the meeting was kept secret until three days before the event and when this consultant was eventually told the location and turned up in Birmingham for the "Citizens Jury" it turned out that medical staff were outnumbered 2:1 by laypeople specifically chosen by an agency to attend the event. The media were present and had obviously been invited to publicise the event.

The delegates were split up into groups and each allocated an electronic voting device. A "minder" was allocated to each group.

Then the stars of the show arrived: Gordon Brown, Alan Johnson and Ara Darzi.

There followed a rapid succession of questions from the podium on which the delegates were asked to vote. The minder was available to suggest the best answer if there was any doubt.

Strangely, almost all the votes were 2:1 in favour of Nulabour's policy. Even the question: "Would you prefer gynaecological surgery to be carried out in your GP practice even if it meant the closure of your DGH facility?" was answered with 2:1 in favour.

Following the "consultation" the medical delegates were told to leave but the other 2/3 of the audience were kept back and each given an envelope. My colleague was intrigued by this and managed to catch one of the "chosen ones" and ask about the contents. Each envelope contained £75 in cash!

So now the consultation is over and the results indicate there is overwhelming public and doctor support for closing down the DGHs. I can only say that the way the voting was done makes the "Blue Peter" voting fraud seem like, well, "Blue Peter".

According to the Downing Street website there are nine more of these "consultations" due around the county. Thats an awful lot of people to bribe with taxpayers money, but once they're done the business of closing the DGHs can start in earnest

Daily Referendum said...

Good he will be destroyed. There is so much political ammunition we can use against him he will think he is surrounded. He's getting away with a great deal at the moment and the polls do not reflect how the country should be feeling.

Bring it on! when the election campaign starts in earnest and Gordon's many failings get the full media attention they deserve, it will be the end of this Labour government.

Onwards and upwards!

Laurence Boyce said...

It certainly looks like it to judge by all the telegraphing that’s going on at the moment. Brown will keep the election campaign low key and unfussy, as if it’s business as usual. And he will win with a slightly increased majority.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I shall make every effort to see your review on news 24, to see if you have an Italian tan.(no cheating in make-up).

I shall be sitting in my study, at my computer, watching the broadcast on my pc, both hands uncharacteristically on the keyboard.

There is one enigma, on known-known (as Rumsfeld would say)that you have always sidestepped. I am not aware that you have ever commented publicly on David Davis, or your time with him, or, more relevantly here, his suitablility or otherwise as leader.

I mention this because, as Verity and others have said, David Davis would seem to me to be a credible leader-in-waiting; certainly a man who can pick up the pieces of shame and failure after the next election, an antidote to the calmly assured vacuity of Dangerous Dave.

Are we ever going to be told?

Anonymous said...

Cut and run time

I would like to say the British public are to smart to be fooled by this one.

But I can not because they are not smart, they are the biggest bunch of idiots ever to inhabit these blessed islands.

They will get more of what they deserve and good luck to em.

Any Tory wanting to become PM of this country before the shit really hits the fan would have to be the most idiotic fool ever to have set foot in this place.

Enter Cameron stage left.

Anonymous said...

barry monk - this is absolutely shocking !! But not a surprise, if you see what I mean.

This charade needs to be publicised more widely !!!!

Daily Referendum said...


It's just more typical Brown manipulation. He will not get away with this for much longer.

Luke Akehurst said...

Will he still be allowed to speak now that Bluetongue virus has been diagnosed in Downing Street?

Anonymous said...

From Bluetongue in Ipswich to Lyingtongue in Bournemouth!

Anonymous said...

What would be interesting to know is why Browns corruption goes so unreported.

Does Iain have any suggestions?

I can`t believe the UK population is really that gulliable?

Ted Foan said...

barry monk's comment (9.59pm)could be a devasting piece of information - if it can be substantiated.

If so, it has to get into the MSM immediately.

Fight Gordon's fire with fire or we'll all burn in hell!

Anonymous said...

A short history lesson which might help us understand why Gordon Browns rule is for now almost cast iron.

In 1941 when Britain and its commonwealth was fighting the axis powers on its own. We got 100 odd rusty old ships and a nice smile in exchange for ownership of several foreign British military bases. We got loans not aid. Money I believe we are still paying back 62 years later.

What was the price for British support for the invasion of Iraq? If there was one, for sure we the public have no idea what it was.

Was it support for the British economy for the foreseeable future, whatever Gordon gets up to?

Because if it was, only time will tell when the powers that be will be PULLING THE PLUG.

After the next election would be a good bet, although as we know a warning has already been shot across Gordon's bow.

BTW honest lefties if you think for one moment that Gordon Brown is going to behave in any way different to Tony Blair as far as the middle east is concerned or that anything will change there even if Obama or Clinton becomes president.


Anonymous said...

Hell hath no fury..

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:23

In a democracy full of brainwashed sheep with just about 'too much to lose.'

You cant fool all the people all of the time but you can fool enough of the people enough of the time.

Then you can lock up or disregard the rest.

Its not rocket science its authoritarian socialism in action.

Laurence Boyce said...

What would be interesting to know is why Brown’s corruption goes so unreported.

I should imagine the reason is because it is not corruption. Everyone knows that these public consultations are just a gimmick. What would be far more disturbing would be if they selected a genuinely balanced panel, and then acted upon their desires. Because that would be a complete subversion of the democratic process.

BJ said...

Re Yentob tonight, Iain. Spot on.

Ted Foan said...

Great spinning on the sleaze stories, Iain! "Not me saying this, guv! It's the papers wot said it."

And you got the Worcester literotica story in too, you old devil!

Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell, Iain, I thought you were flying without a safety net on N24 tonight ! Will be interested to see if you get invited back...

Anonymous said...

Is it actually possible to have a general election given the movement restrictions in the countryside? Unless I remember incorrectly the 2001 election had to be moved due to Foot and Mouth movements preventing people casting their ballot and given we currently have Foot and Mouth and the newly discovered Bluetongue is it even feasible?

Obviously there would be political considerations, but as I doubt there are many Tory/Labour marginals in rura seats I can't see that stopping the polls, but the practical ones may.

Anonymous said...

I tgake it Adam Rickitt won't be standing now he's been arrested for shoplifting ....

Man in a Shed said...

Great comment from Barry Monk.

There are plenty of holes in Gordon Browns policies and past actions, but many of them are in the small print. the problem is that many of the journalists (think BBC) see exposing these things as being an act of political treachery.

Anonymous said...


It's time to stand up and be counted.

"Dave" Cameron's flirtation with what he believes is the middle ground of concerned / green-ish / right-on voters is rapidly becoming a vainglorious attempt at attracting votes who would never vote Conservative in a million years.

In the process, he has simply managed to disenchant more and more traditional Conservative voters.

The Conservative party has lost the last two elections not because Labour have been more attractive, but because Conservative voters have not bothered to turn out.


Because successive Conservative leaders have been prepared to sell out traditional Conservative values because that is what assorted "consultants" and "focus groups" have told them to do.

In the world of "selling", one of the first things that you learn is that God gave us two ears and one mouth. If you want to be good at selling, it helps to use your organs in that ratio.

The most important qualification for the leader of the Conservative party who succeeds "Dave" should be an ability to listen to traditional Conservative supporters and voters.

Very few of us believe the half-baked scientific theories that Al Gore is promoting. Fewer still are prepared to part with more taxes that will go into government coffers for the sake of appeasing the so-called environmental lobby.

But I'm ready to write a cheque in support of the first credible candidate who will challenge David Cameron, post the inevitable next defeat at a General Election.

Anonymous said...

Iain you better hope it is not an election soon as your party will be nowhere.

The Tories are still unelectable with Cameron as the leader

AndyR said...

Are these News 24 Paper Reviews available online anywhere? For those of us who are geographically challenged...

The Huntsman said...

Can I urge you to get a video clip of Brown answering Andrew Marr on the issue of Northern Rock and what he knew and when he knew it (c. 9.30 a.m.? His evasiveness was very very striking and makes me think that the truth might be very damaging to him.

The word 'shifty' came instantly to mind.

Newmania said...

Ten more years , the end of everything good in the country . The suffocation of New Labour spin , lies and taxes and the weimarists are still whinging about Cameron. I feel something like despair today , is there any place for me in this country.
I am being obliterated and noone is doing anything to stop it .

When Iain are you going to make an unequivocal call to support the leader and help the Party? We are like a lot of cavaliers chasing our own horsey tails while Brown's Roundheads grimly march together foot by foot killing us off inch by inch on and on until there is nothing left but New Labour .

I sometimes wonder if the whole blogasphere on the right , by encouraging this debating society mentality , does the Conservative Party more harm than the Labour Party.

I console myself with the thought that if Brown does bounce the country into yet more of the same I hate him already . No honeymoon , no good will, the resistance starts , day one

Anonymous said...

If there is to be an election then Gordon will NOT announce it tomorrow but wait until next Monday, October 1st. That way he will make the most mischief for the Conservatives, completely screw up Cameron's speech at the start of conference ,knocking him off the top of the news agenda and also put the Conservative Conference in total disarray. So, if I was a Conservative delegate/MP I wouldn't bother to unpack my case next weekend as I will probably be "scooting" off to my constituency pretty sharpish Tuesday !

Anonymous said...

Bluetongue Brown cutting & running on the back of his wooing of the 'Blue Brown' conservatives

Anonymous said...

GB will be bonkers NOT to call a GenElec for next month. I'm surprised how absolutely shameless he is (and he is enjoying being so shameless too)- he should be a LibbyDem! A GenElec in October- i) a bad thing- Labour will win another 5 years. ii)a good thing- DC will be out on his ear and the Party MUST take stock and re-examine tactics/policy.

Bob Piper said...

Newmania... "I feel something like despair today , is there any place for me in this country. I am being obliterated and noone is doing anything to stop it."

Oh what joy on a fine Autumn morning.... give us more, we cry!

Yak40 said...

"Gordon's many failings get the full media attention they deserve"

But will they ?

The media, not to mention the Tories, have given Brown a pass so far when there's already an arsenal of material that can be used.

@molesworth_1 said...

views24 hav an on-screen graphic which read "Mandellson says Labour can win at polls"

shortly before this mandellson was quoted from a conference fringe event damning brown with faint praise

i can not think of anybody more racked with the anticipation of an electoral defeat for brown than our own dere peter...