Friday, September 14, 2007

Guide to Blogging 2007: Top Ten Newcomers

As you know, the GUIDE TO POLITICAL BLOGGING 2007 is being published on 24 September. Featured among the 288 pages are a myriad of blog lists.

Today we have the TOP TEN NEWCOMERS - i.e. blogs which have appeared on the political blogosphere within the last twelve months.

Coming soon - the Top 20 Scottish Blogs, Welsh Blogs, Irish Blogs and Green Blogs...

1. Platform 10 (Con)
2. Conor Ryan (Lab)
3. Matt Wardman (Tech)
4. Mike Rouse (Con)
5. Grendel (Con)
6. The Huntsman (Right)
7. Liberty’s Requiem (Right)
8. John Redwood MP (Con)
9. Libertarian UK (Libertarian)
10. Cornerstone (Right)

This is very much a personal choice and reflects the new blogs I regularly look at. Having said that, since the book was compiled Libertarian UK seems to have come to grief. The link just gets a blank page.

Which are your favourite new blogs? If you missed the previously published lists, click on the following links...

Top 10 Underrated Blogs
Top 10 Medical Blogs
Top 10 Religious Blogs


Anonymous said...

Roger Helmer's -

Anonymous said...

The link to Liberty's Requiem in the list is wrong -- it links to The Huntsman. The correct URL is

(And for some reason the line about HTML tags under this box is now in German:
Sie k├Ânnen HTML-Tags verwenden, z. B. ... )

Anonymous said...

Very right of centre list Iain. As Chris Paul's official sock puppet I'd hope his Labour of love is 11th newcomer and moves up automatically to 10th when one of the others fols.

Devil's Kitchen said...

LibertarianUK has had server trouble: it is being migrated to a new server and a revitalised LibUK will be back up at some point over the weekend.

We hope to start actually "commissioning" articles too, so that we get a much higher turnover.

I'll drop a line in here when the site is back up.


Christopher Glamorgan said...

With a bit of luck I may make the Top 100 Welsh Blogs, not the Top 20, as there are only 100 of us ;>D.

Anonymous said...

Why so fickle, Mr Dale! One week you pitch a welcoming post in the direction of OurKingdom and say we are about to become part of your must-read daily fare and the next we are nowhere near your top ten newcomers for the year... is it because we are only 4 months old and too new to count he asks pitifully?

Iain Dale said...

Fickle, moi? Seriously, I hadn't actually come across your blog when I compiled that list. I seriously look at it most days now and find it most thought provoking. You should actually be in it. Can't say fairer than that!


Personally, i would like to know why I have been left off. Humour blogs get no respect, yet are one of the hardest genres to write :)

Anonymous said...

Yes me too. Who writes these sexist lists?! lol