Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Conference Timetable

It's going to be a busy conferences for yours truly. If you're going to Blackpool and you're a reader of the blog, do say hello! These are a few of the things I'll be doing.

10.45am Panellist on Sky News Sunday with Adam Boulton


3pm-4pm Book signing at the Politico's stand


11.30am I hope to speak in the International Development session
12.30pm Chair Campaign for Enterprise Fringe Meeting with Mark Prisk, Baron Hotel, 296 North Promenade
4pm-5pm Book signing at the Politico's stand
5pm Panelist at Hansard Society fringe, Windsor Bar, Winter Gardens, "Have political parties had thei Day?" With Ed Vaizey, Peter Oborne, Theresa May and Priti Patel
7.30pm Panelist on Kings Fund Health Question Time, The Arena, Winter Gardens


Anonymous said...

you forgot Wednesday

"Dust off COS notes for DD election to leader"

Sir-C4' said...


11pm: Pleasuring Cameron

Anonymous said...

I was a contemporary of Camerons at Oxford when I was an active Conservative. He was aloof and too snobbish to even join OUCA.

His leadership has seen the Part loose it's convictions, pee off its base, and gain nothing - he has achieved the remarkable in taking us back rather than forward and associating us with spin, glib rudderless leadership.

As a former ppc, I have sat things out since he was elected. I had the benefit of knowing his type too well.

Roll on November when the letters will go in to the 22 and we can put the whole disaterous episope behind us and we can reclaim the party.

ps When he goes, please can he take the whole Notting Hill and Bullingdon blight with him. We can never regain trust if the trustifarians continue to be given a toy to play with.

Anonymous said...

For crying out loud Cameron doesn,t need Stalin Brown and his crew for enemies when he has so called friends calling him,shut up and let's get Blackpool out of the way and make sure it goes well,the media will be all over the place looking for problems don't give them any,the are not on our side,no doubt Stalin will be up to his tricks next week.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:42 - I'm not a "so-called friend" of Cameron and neither is the rest of the enormous Conservative horde who hate him. And I most assuredly am not going to get behind him.

With his smug, "I know better than you what's good for the party, and Britain (which I sometimes visit) because I'm one of the 'in' people", he has borrowed the wrecking ball that Blair took to our Constitution and Bill of Rights and has flattened the Conservative Party. What's left?

The man's a smug, deeply stupid prat. You don't get it, Anonymous 1:42. He has decimated the Conservative party to the point where there are only shreds and tatters of belief fluttering in the wind. To be utterly pragmatic, rather than fanciful, we now need to level the party we once clung to and form a new one. And never, never, never again have someone born and raised under great privilege and unable to related to his/her fellow citizens as leader.

He is so thick, and knows so little about the average working and middle class household, he thinks everyone gives a crap about "green" - enough of a crap to pay extra taxes out of their salaries - extra money taken away from their children's future, or their second car, or repaving for the driveway or fixing the roof - for some this "carbon footprint" fantasy dreamed up by ultra squillionaire Al Gore. We'll leave that to Cameron and Zac and all their chums.

He distances himself from the voters, of whom I profoundly believe he is frightened because we are a foreign element to him, with faux bonhommie and distancing joviality.

I want him and the Bullingdon boys around him to go down with the sinking ship and I'll watch the bubbles come to the surface with great pleasure.

Then real people who can relate to us, like David Davis and Ann Widdecomb, can form a new party and we can all put our shoulder to the wheel as members of the team, not the ciphers Cameron sees when he looks out his Notting Hill (or wherever) window.

To hammer home how divorced this smug prat is from reality, I only need remind you that he commanded the Opposition benches to give the vile, sleaze bag, criminal Blair, who tore apart the fabric of our ancient civil society, a standing ovation.

Unknown said...

Iain peach dress wise

Adam Boulton has some lovely ties !


Anonymous said...

Harriet Hampster - Iain looks best in violet or lilac. Or do you mean tie-wise? If so, yes, I can see that a peach tie would work for him, but then, what colour shirt? White? Nice if he's wearing a jacket, otherwise too much white glare.

Unknown said...

No I don't like Iain in white shirts really too Tim Marshall, but he is a little peach.

I hope he is there really with the Baby Boulton and not playing the "Jamesie Yentob" card on us..


Anonymous said...

HH- I suspect that is the first time Iain as been referred to as "little" in many a long year.

OK, I can see that a peach shirt would work with one of his garish ties.

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments are either by Labour Anymongs trying to make mischief or if they are genuine so called Conservative Party Members they sum up exactly why this party has been unelectable for the past decade and if they get their way will remain so for the next 20 years. If they honestly think that the likes of David Davis or Ann Widdecombe could form a party that the electorate would vote for in sufficient numbers to actually get into government (Shades of the SDP or what and we all know what happened to that !) they are totally divorced from reality.

Granted Cameron is too wrapped up in green issues that quite frankly 80% of the electorate don't give a monkey's about and his decision to give the worst PM in living memory, Blair, a standing ovation instead of a collected giant raspberry which he deserved was totally incomprehensible but he's the best we've got at the moment and I for one would sooner have a Conservative administration led by him than Brown and his ilk ! So people should just try being loyal to their leadership for a change which is something that the Conservative Party has not done for the past 17 years !!!!

Anonymous said...

Despair All Ye ... More than 80% of Brits have no interest in "green" issues, but this has been at the top of Cameron's agenda since he got the Leadership. He doesn't bloody listen! He has this patrician habit of "knowing best".

He is a liberal masquerading as a Tory. He wants to raise taxes, for God's sake! Imagine announcing, in a highly taxed nation, during your campaign, that you intend not only to raise people's taxes, but in the cause of something the voter has already identified as bullshit!

The standing ovation was because Cameron seems to have thought that Blair was handing over power to him, the "heir to Blair", and he was graciously giving his predecessor a good send-off. Jolly good show! This has to have been one of the more bizarre moments in the history of British politics.

The sight of the fool cycling to the HoC with his car behind him was another moment of stunning pretentious ineptitude. And the ice floe in Norway, posed in a parka which he just happened to have hanging in his closet, I presume, and the Central Casting huskies. Pretending to "understand" hoodies without having gone through the formality of ever having met one. Posing against a clean exterior wall, holding up a paintbrush obviously just out of its cellophone jacket and wearing a pair of obviously never-used work gloves - to illustrate his concern about grafitti. Moronic.

Stunts, stunts, stunts ... and never a word about education, never a word about the pressing problem of immigration (which is now the pressing problem of arranging for reverse immigration), never a word about taxes - except he's going to raise them to address illustory "green" issues, which he, Zac and squillionaire Al Gore all agree is absolutely pressing.

I don't think the country would be any better off under a Conservative administration run by this clique.

I didn't say David Davis or Ann Widdecomb should start a new party! I said a new party will be put together and they will emerge as important figures within it.

The Conservatives have lost the upcoming election and it is Cameron who will have led them to defeat. It should have been a doddle.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown today suggested celebrities should speak out against
drugs and criticised those personalities who had a ``casual
attitude'' to them.
The Prime Minister highlighted the need for sportsmen, pop stars
and others in the public eye to act as role models for young people
and denounce illegal substances during a speech at a `citizen's jury'
Double Olympic gold medalist Dame Kelly Holmes has agreed to
support an initiative and speak out against drugs, Mr Brown told the
central London meeting.
The National Union of Teachers (NUT) welcomed the comments but the
charity DrugScope claimed the Government had introduced a 10% cut in
funding for drug education and prevention projects and called on it
to reverse the move.

boanerges said...

As always your opinions are spot on and were we playing on anything remotely resembling a level playing field a Conservative party promoting your brand of policies would be flying high in the polls and talk of an Autumn election election would have have evaporated long ago.
I saw a report earlier today in which Brown outlined his policy for tackling bluetongue, namely 'contain,control,eradicate'.
It is clear that this is his policy for the Conservative party and we are playing for higher stakes than who leads the party after the next election defeat.
Regardless of Camerons real or perceived frailties are you seriously expecting the BBC, Sun, Sky etc to welcome his successor with open arms.
If they do I apologise for doubting you but if they dont the nightmare continues............

Anonymous said...

Had a good look at your timetable, can't see the date and time you'll be sharpening the knife and handing it to David Davis.

@molesworth_1 said...

tomorro's observer front page sa, and i quote..."Cameron meltdown as public urge early vote."
what is your bet, m'sieur?

Anonymous said...

If, by some stroke of the gods which isn't going to happen in a million years, Cameron got in, you can be assured that he would slyly take Britain further into the EU ("We're obliged by treaties! Our hands are tied!") and further into Eurabia. Or bring Eurabia further into Britain.

He would be a far greater evangalist for New World Orderism than Brown, because it's always the rich and privileged, who can escape the consequences of their disastrous policies, who are keenest on social engineering.

I suspect Brown, with his manse stubborn streak, will be less easily manipulated by the One Worlders, oddly enough.

Anonymous said...

PS - Oh, and Hazel Hampster, what will you be doing at the Conservative Conference? Or just checking on the colour of Iain's shirts on TV?

Anonymous said...

I am another Labour Party sock puppet.

Old BE said...

Hague was on News 24 earlier urging Brown to go to the country. He was waving a red rag. I don't think Brown has the bottle, personally.

Anonymous said...


You are an hysterical idiot and no doubt in therapy in your adopted home.
I don't know when you left England, but it was, no doubt, to the obvious relief of your neighbours in Acacia Close.
Can you not get involved in American affairs now? I'm sure we'd all be interested in your views.

Anonymous said...

This could be a very interesting Conference. Thanks mostly to the media (and a little to Brown) Cameron is starting on the back foot and knows it. This is probably the biggest test of his leadership that he has yet faced.

Obviously there has been the criticism of a lack of policy, but with the pressure of a possible election around the corner, I am sure that he will cover that one with some ability.

However, the big thing is going to be the polls. I suspect there will be quite a few, especially from his own party, that will watch the polls over the week. An upward movement will be demanded.

But with foot and mouth, blue tongue and other crisis bubbling away at the fringes, there is plenty that could blow up that the Government then shines at dealing with. That could knock David right onto his rear.

One possible crisis to look out for is a possible spat between Cameron and the BMA. Having a partner in the medical profession, she rolled her eyes at a few things that both he and the government have been saying. The BMA is not happy, and are more than willing to have a snipe at him.

Anonymous said...

bebopper - Acacia Close! Gosh!

"An hysterical idiot"? So that means a woman, then?

A woman who disagrees with your lordly view on situations, people, things, events ... important things, as decided by you and over all of which you have domain?

What about a man who robustly disagrees with your view of the world? Would he also be "an hysterical idiot"?

Or just if he were gay and argued for a view opposing your own? Would he be defined as "an hysterical idiot"?

Could you share with us your personal definition of "an hysterical idiot"?

Yours sincerely,
No 15, Acacia Close

Unknown said...

I shall be checking out the windswept and interesting Iain and his wardrobe and trying hard to free myself of the "Brown-Tongue" virus that swept the Nation last week..

Lots of love
The woman on the train