Wednesday, September 19, 2007

LibertarianUK Back


Earlier this month Iain listed his Top 10 Newcomer blogs, one of which was LibertarianUK (number 9). At the time LibertarianUK’s site appeared to be out of action but I’m please to let you know that Mark Wallace, the Deputy Editor, has emailed to say everything is back on track and the blog is up and running again. Great news for all those of the classic liberal persuasion.


Anonymous said...

when do u go back to your day job as as an extra on Neighbours - I'm losing the will to live.

@molesworth_1 said...

i can only echo the feelings of his grace,above.
come back dale! obviously, nothing is forgiven, but hasten homeward & save us from greer's tedious cribs - he is an utter wet & a wede.
plus which, if i see 1 more blahblah Top 10 whatever, i will find him at first brake tommow and tuogh him up, as he deserve.

Anonymous said...

Shane, what do you reckon about Brown getting involved in a police investigation?

Take a look at this:

Daily Mail reports:

A senior Portuguese officer has said police are "fed up" and feared the involvement of high-profile politicians could damage the inquiry.

He said: "The Portuguese police are not happy with the constant interruptions in this case. It is amazing to me that people in high positions are getting involved.

"I can't think of any case in Portugal where this has happened. Doesn't Gordon Brown have a job to do? Why is he getting involved in a police investigation? We have a job to do and need space in which to do it."

Ted Foan said...

Yes Shane/Iain - pleased drop the Top 10 List stuff. It's facile and boring.

And I'm not going to buy any of the books you are touting on top/bottom bloggers, etc. People who spend all day writing stuff that very few read are nearly as sad as the people that read them. Knowing who the ones who write them and those that read them think is good/bad/indifferent is especially boring.

Of course, I don't include myself! Great blog! Keep up the good work.

PS: Does anyone know why Blogger has started using German as well as English? Is Dale responsible or has Gollum come to an unholy pact with Merkel to merge the two countries?

Anonymous said...

As an occasional visitor to this blog, I have to say that I'm getting a bit worried.

Iain's as entitled to a few weeks holiday as the rest of us, but this is becoming a bit worrying.

Shane - can you prove that Iain is still alive?

A saucy postcard would do.

the again, perhaps not......

Manfarang said...

Another 51st State blog?

Anonymous said...

How long is it now that Iain has been away with the fairies?

A telegram to andalf is urgently needed!

Anonymous said...

The link repeats the web address twice, so doesn't go direct to the site. Good site though!

Vindico said...

Gald to see LibertarianUK is back. Hopefully it will become a great repository for Libertarian thinking.