Saturday, September 22, 2007

Guide to Blogging: Top 30 Media Blogs

The GUIDE TO POLITICAL BLOGGING 2007 is being published on Monday. Featured among the 288 pages are a myriad of blog lists. Now for the TOP THIRTY MEDIA BLOGS. This list was voted for by 500 readers of my blog.

1 Nick Robinson
2 Spectator Coffee House
3 Benedict Brogan
4 Paul Linford
5 Times Comment Central
6 Biased BBC
7 Melanie Phillips
8 18 Doughty Street
9 Mark Mardell
10 Oliver Kamm
11 Little & Large
12 Stephen Pollard
13 Evanomics
14 Toby Harnden
15 Adam Boulton
16 PM
17 Bryan Appleyard
18 Peter Hitchens
19 Open Secrets
20 Betsan Powys
21 Blether with Brian
22 Clive Davis
23 Media Lens
24 Vaughan Roderick
25 BBC Editors' Blog
26 New Culture Forum
27 David Cornock
28 Dad Blog
29 Playing Against the Spin
30 Tiger Tales


O'Neill said...

The Beeb's man in Ulster, Mark Devonport (already on the Top 20 Irish) is worth a glimpse:

Anonymous said...

Is that 'media blogs' as in, 'written by journalists', or 'media blogs' as in 'blogs about the media'?
If the former, then how exactly are you distinguishing between blogs that are written by journos but count in other categories, eg. politics, and those written by journos that count as specifically 'media' blogs? I'd interpret 'media blogs' as meaning 'blogs about the media'. Yet some on your list - eg. Paul Linford - are far from being 'media' bloggers in that sense.

Iain Dale said...

You win the pedant of the week award!

Media blogs means blogs that are associated with the media - maybe written by journalists - or blogs about the media, but with some sort of political interest. Paul Linford is indeed a media blogger. He's a journalist who happens to write a blog.

James Higham said...

I would put Bryan Appleyard much higher.

MorrisOx said...

I hate to be a pest, Iain, but you've got Paul Linford on your list and his blog appears to be dormant for some reason or other, with no new entries since early September.

As a prominent member of the political blogging community, do you know what's happened?

Bryan Appleyard said...

But if you say a journalist who happens to write a blog is a media blogger, then you are undermining yourself. I thought the whole point about bloggery was that it was supposed to be the new media. Surely waht you mean is Old Media Blogs. Not an attractive title, I agree, but being called a Media Blogger has ruined my Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Iain -
Well I'd like to think that as a journalist I'm good at getting to the root of the issue ... ;-)

I suppose my point is that, as far as I can see, none of the other categories are based on what the writer does for a living. Obviously some journalist bloggers write their blogs to tie in with their professions but others don't. I'd argue that Paul Linford, to stick with my first example, uses his blog to express his personal views, which are clearly left of centre, and from that point of view he should be included in the leftwing bloggers list rather than the media list.

I hope that makes sense ...

Anonymous said...

I note the Telegraph's 'Little And Large' blog hasn't been updated since mid-July, when it appeared to break electoral law by revealing details of the postal votes cast before polling day in the Ealing Southall by-election.