Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Guide to Blogging 2007: Top Ten Underrated Blogs

As you know, the GUIDE TO POLITICAL BLOGGING 2007 is being published on 24 September. Featured among the 288 pages are a myriad of blog lists. Over the next two weeks I will be publishing these on the blog. Today we have the Top Ten Underrated Blogs. These are blogs I reckon should be in the top echelons of any blogging list due to their consistently high quality of output, but don't get the attention they deserve.

1. A Liberal Goes a Long Way (LibDem)
2. Dave’s Part (Far Left)
3. Liberal England (LibDem)
4. Waendel Journal (Conservative)
5. Little Man in a Toque (Right wing)
6. Glyn Davies (Welsh Conservative)
7. Cicero’s Songs (LibDem)
8. Tygerland (Labour)
9. Richard Spring MP (Conservative)
10. Philobiblon (Green)

I fully realise that everyone reading this would compile a different list. If you have a blog, compile your own list and post it. And if you don't have a blog tell us which blogs you think are underrated in the comments.

PS This Shane Greer is worryingly good, don't you think. Note to self. Never go on holiday again...


Chris Paul said...

That's a good list, though Dave's Part is hardly "Far Left". Osler has not only come back to Labour but he is recognizing and nailing some of the issues with the independent far left's positions.

Have a busy 48h coming up but will do a list for this category if I get a chance.

Alan Douglas said...

I have to agree with you, Shane haskept us all well entertained in your absence. He is better with the written word than the spoken, but I think that will improve in time.

Alan Douglas

Newmania said...

Have a busy 48h coming up but will do a list for this category if I get a chance.

Now for a very easy game of spot the delusion( Clue: 'cares' and 'no-one' will appear in the winning sentence)
Greer is eerily good , we ll he would be .Grown in a vat under the houses of Parliament he went feral ,clad in yellow stickies , living from coffee time biscuits , he flitted from shadow to meeting room undetected until taken in by kindly old Mr. Dale. It is said however that he is still unhappy with a knife and fork and sometimes howls like Gor when triumphant. Good yes, but is it right lain ? Is it right ?

Anonymous said...

"PS This Shane Greer is worryingly good, don't you think. Note to self. Never go on holiday again..."

Following the lead of Glorious Gordon, it's clearly a blog "Of all the talents". (Just hope you didn't have to go to one of the other parties to fill the void..!)

Hughes Views said...

"PS This Shane Greer is worryingly good, don't you think." - in the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king.

"Note to self. Never go on holiday again..." - yet again Mr Dale ignores the wise words of his elders. Do you think a month in The Priory with no Internet access would be enough to cure his obsessive addiction?

Anonymous said...

Worryingly good indeed - memo to Iain; think like a pop group - always get real no-hopers as the support act - if they have a smidgin of talent there's a danger they will show you up on the night !!

Any comments about the football ??

Theo Spark said...

Bunch of amateurs! Except Waendel.

Anonymous said...

Iain go away your on holiday, were keeping an eye on this mr Greer for you just in case he decides to flog off your blog.

Old BE said...

My blog is overrated!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree re the tygerland blog. It's one of my top three favourite blogs.

Anonymous said...

Where does "Hughes Views" get the notion that anybody has the slightest interest in anything he has to say?


Aaron Murin-Heath said...

I promised myself I wouldn't cry...

I love you Bel.x

Anonymous said...

"This Shane Greer is worryingly good" - is this some new use of the word "good"? One with which most of us are unfamiliar?

He does seem to have succeeded in making the site even slower to load, is this what you're getting at Iain?

Sir-C4' said...

I hardly consider Tygerland an underrated blog consider that it's writer Aaron Heath is a working-class snob who defends granny-killers and hates the McCanns because they are middle-class healthcare professionals.

Aaron Murin-Heath said...

C4 - thanks for the loving recommendation.

You appear to be following me around like a doe-eyed schoolgirl. I'm taken, if not quite tempted.

Not sure where I defend granny-killers, or where I state I hate the McCann's, though.

Such strong words. Such an angry young man.

Oh, and please, I'm soooo middle-class.

Ciao. ;o)

Anonymous said...

I've posted by current three picks at the link on my name.

Including a new cartoonist.


Joe Otten said...

Your link to Cicero is broken.