Saturday, September 29, 2007

David Davis in The Times

There's a tradition that each broadsheet carries a major interview with a leading Conservative on the Saturday before the Tory conference. This year David Davis drew the short straw and landed an interview with Helen Rumbelow and Alice Miles from The Times. Why do I say the short straw? Because being interviewed by a double act means that there's twice as much of a chance of an off the cuff remark being blown out of all proportion and misinterpreted. In this interview they try their best to draw the implication that DD hasn't quite given up on the leadership. Do they succeed? Well, read the interview HERE and judge for yourselves.


Anonymous said...

I have this strange feeling you will shortly be reprising your campaign chief of staff role.

Anonymous said...

Well David won't have long to wait now, will he Iain.

Comment on the polls Iain?

Anonymous said...

Somehow i don't think Iain would be David Davis' first choice if he wanted to win.

Iain Dale said...

Anonymous 9.35. First of all there isnt going to be a leadership campaign, and second of all you could not be more wrong!

Poll comments coming later.

Anonymous 9.49. You may well be right!

Anonymous said...

I read this blog & ConHome most days & I feel myself totally perplexed.

It is clear that the present Tory strategy is failing, how can the leads in the polls be interpreted any other way?

But there seems to be no consensus at all why this is so with many competing viewpoints.

I can't see how the Tories will fix this as it is impossible to prescribe the cure if you can't agree on the ailment.



Ps The note on the leave comments page:
"Sie k├Ânnen HTML-Tags verwenden,"

Is that so only German linguists can put their points in bold?

Anonymous said...

Breaking ranks already Iain, well your the first of many. a coup on the way?

Anonymous said...

Tories unite!! When the Cameroon gets up to speak, let him be greeted by a chant of "We want Basher, we want Basher"!

Ned said...

The success of the Conservative conference 'depends' on Tory unity and policies. Obviously we must get that right for the Electorate.
BUT the media... BBC , ITV, SKY ,should give unbiased /apolitical coverage favours.. just a straight deal, ,the same extended to the Labour Party conference.
Then the public get a straight deal also.

Mulligan said...

BBC and SKY are doing their best to rubbish Cameron at every opportunity whilst portraying Brown as the only real choice.

Ironically The Sun might be Brown's biggest potential banana skin if he goes to the country whilst denying a referendum.

Cameron still needs to raise his game this week, and start appealing to the constituencies with middle earners, owning their own homes - who will lose out big time if Brown gets back in with huge majority and throws away the pretence about representing Middle England.

Anonymous said...

Just read the Times' article. So, its pretty clear then - a Davis campaign launch the day after Election day and following Cameron's resignation!

Go, Dave, go!!!

Anonymous said...

If only!But maybe there's still time........................!
A Double Diamond could still work wonders-and how!

Anonymous said...

"Most voters now see David Cameron as being as glib and insubstantial as Tony Blair" DT (p4)
Says it all. The lads toast and has been for many months.

Anonymous said...

Davis was stitched by the BBC and alike even before the leadership campaign got going last time, by the time he maid hid speech all his passion had been kicked out of him.
Why because he dared speak of an English Parliament a few months earlier.
Of course we can have democracy, so long as you realise it is run by non elected Bureaucrats in Brussels.
They thought that Cameron was their boy and European, now there not so sure, so kill him of anyway, because Gords always wanted a united states of Europe and the distuction of England as Country.

Anonymous said...

The Times decides its editorial line based on what Brown tells them to do. Brown wants to make mischief in the higher echelons of the Conservative Party - he orders the Times to put a non-existent spin on their Davis interview suggesting he still harbours leadership ambitions. Brown happy; Times journalists keep their job. Sadly it is that simple.

Davis does not harbour leadership ambitions. He knows within 12 months he will be Home Secretary in a Conservative Government.

Anonymous said...

arthurs-are you another cchq staffer? If not,increase the volume of water.

The Daily Pundit said...

It's over for the big fella I'm afraid. DD may "look young for his age" but he's 58 now and by the time the Tories are anywhere near winning an election (2012) he'll be 63. And look at the stick Ming has had to put up with for having the audacity to be over 60. Quite disgraceful.

Roll your cap Grandad!

Anonymous said...

"arthurs-are you another cchq staffer? If not,increase the volume of water."

No. I'm a Conservative supporter.

If you honestly think the Times would run an interview like that without clearing the line with Brown or his people, I'm afraid you're a little naive about the way King Gordon's Most Loyal Press works.

Anonymous said...

Tell it to the Sun.