Friday, September 14, 2007

Cameron and Merkel


The meeting with Merkel in David Cameron’s own words:

“Angela Merkel and I had a very positive meeting, where we discussed how centre right parties can cooperate. I am delighted that the Conservative Party and the CDU will be setting up joint working groups covering climate change and environment, security and counter-terrorism, and economic competitiveness.”

Framing is something that’s always fascinated me. By discussing security Merkel gets to remind Germans how seriously she’s taking that issue in light of recent events there, and by discussing climate change Cameron gets to reinforce the seriousness with which he takes that issue.

But what has this meeting really achieved for the Conservative Party? It could be argued that it sends a signal to the electorate that Cameron is taken seriously as a potential world leader. But then the counter argument would be that Cameron has to first convince people he’d be a good national leader before he can move onto the world stage (the polls suggest people are not so sure about that).

Whatever this trip to Germany achieves one thing though is certain, from a PR point of view it can’t be any worse than the trip to Rwanda during the flooding, and the holiday in France during foot-and-mouth.


Wrinkled Weasel said...

"Whatever this trip to Germany achieves one thing though is certain, from a PR point of view it can’t be any worse than the trip to Rwanda during the flooding, and the holiday in France during foot-and-mouth"

Oh yes it can. Right at the moment,(to quote Gordon Gekko) If he opened a funeral parlour, people would stop dying.

Anonymous said...

No mention of the EU treaty then?

Anonymous said...

Getting cocky are we Mr Greer?
A few posts and now you feel emboldened to throw in some fashionable anti-Cameron jibes.
It might be more appropriate to air your prejudices when you start your own blog.
I have a feeling it won't go on my "favourites".

Shane Greer said...


You might not read any blog I start, but you don't seem to read this one either.

I simply posed a question; what has the trip to Germany achieved for the Conservative Party? I then put forward one potential argument suggesting the virtues of the trip, and then put forward a counter argument.

Also to clarify, again because you don't seem to read posts carefully, I made clear earlier in the week that I have not yet made up my mind about Cameron.

Anonymous said...

Believe me we're not too sure your up to the job - what drivel. Wish you would go on holiday to France!

Andre said...

I feel sorry for Mr Cameron; it is most unfortunate that whenever he had foreign trips planned, events beyond anyones control took place.

I think before Cameron convinces the nation that he is a serious leader, he should first start by convincing the Conservative Party that he is the man who will bring change.

From my point of view (as an outsider looking in) it does reinforce Cameron's image as a world leader - although obviously he doesn't have as much experience as Gordon Brown does.

I think he should be given a chance and show what he's worth.

Anonymous said...

WW - Tee hee!

Merkel is a big promoter of the EU "constitution" by sneaky Europols. Why didn't Dave go and see someone wonderful like Anders Fogh, the heroic PM of Denmark? Why on earth go and see this Merkel? (Oh, I get it! He chose to show that he doesn't discriminate against women. That he takes her seriously! If she moved to Britain, he would see that she got on the A-list!)

So now we've got: the Rwanda experience (I'm sure he made such a difference, being unpretentious and down to earth and all), holiday in France during Foot & Mouth and now off to see Angela Merkel, one of the engines behind the promotion of the EUSSR constitution. And we shouldn't forget his other gift to the human race, his urgent flight to Norway to pose on an ice floe wearing a brand new parka with two A-list Huskies. I don't like his silly, empty little face. Frankly, I'd rather vote for one of the Huskies. At least they looked as though they knew what their jobs are.

Anonymous said...

André - He's had a "chance to show what he's worth" for two years. What are you looking for? A 10-year dress rehearsal? He's had two years of misunderstanding Britain. A-lists! How democratic! "Green" policies! He has no judgement. He blows thither and yon. He's going to save Rwanda. Save the earth according to the gospel of leftist squillionaire Al Bloviator.

How about saving British democracy? Then the Conservatives may perk up and listen.

Anonymous said...

There are no leaders in the Conservative or Labour Parties, certainly not Dave Cameron.

Proposed blog entry: which historical monarch would you prefer over Brown? Over Cameron?

I'll get it started: King John [Full disclosure: he's one of my ancestors]

Chris Paul said...

Meanwhile Merkel said ... absolutely nothing about meeting some minor scion of Brit royalty.

And the boxer Amir Khan - not a Tory supporter - may have been paid a fee to meet Cameron? Allegedly.

Never mind why did Cameron meet Merkel. What about why did Merkel agree to see him?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why it is, whenever someone makes the perfectly rational suggestion that 'Dave' Cameron isn't up to the job, they get peed on from a great height. (No-one seems to mind about dissing Ming, who is in the same boat really). As the sainted Verity observes from her transatlantic eyerie (?spelling) Cameron has had TWO YEARS to prove that he's the man. And what have we seen? A lot of PR twaddle and spin, fatuous 'trips' to the Arctic and Rwanda (not many votes there I think), making a complete horlicks of several traditional Tory issues - such as grammar schools - close to the hearts of core Tory voters, and the first reports from his so-xcalled 'policy commissions' which only go to prove how barking these people really are and how much in need they are of a lie down in a darkened room. (When will he ever learn that good policy doesn't come from a dippy 'commission' comprised of those who don't have enough to do in the afternoons?)

And let's not forget, during this time, he has had the advantage of some barn-door sized targets - cash for honours, Bliar twisting in the wind, great clunking fist - I could go on.

When, in the name of all that's sacred to core Tory voters, are we going to have a leader who shouts Tory values from the rooftops? who will ridicule this miserable, mendacious, incompetent Brown 'administration'? who will say, loudly and clearly, that the Labour Emperor has no clothes? who will shine light on the imperialist ambitions of the European 'Union', who will, in short, head up an Opposition that actually does some opposing rather than spending all its time gazing at its organic navel?

Many people I speak to in ordinary life, rather than the hothouse of Westmister or the rareified atmosphere of the 'blogosphere', are angry that the Tory party sems to be disappearing before their eyes, to be replaced by the moon-faced middle manager leading the bland. That's not what we signed up for: that's not representing tory values.
In short, if we are not to be anihilated by Labour in the next election - which I suspect will be announded by Broon in his first conference speech, we need a real Tory to lead the party - and a leader, please, not a middle-manager who couldn't inspire a rice pudding.
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !