Friday, September 07, 2007

Book Recommendation: 'Coalition' by Mark Oaten

Mark Oaten has a truly superb new book out on Monday called Coalition. It's a history of coalition making since 1850 and it has a fascinating chapter looking forward to the next election.

I interviewed Mark about his book earlier in the week (you can watch it HERE) and was struck by how he had slowly become disenchanted with the whole concept of coalitions during the writing of the book. However, the book -and his ARTICLE in yesterday's Times - leaves little doubt about which party he hopes the LibDems go into coalition with if they're given the chance.

Buy the book HERE. I also recorded a CROSSTALK programme with Mark and Yasmin A-B, where we posed the question: what is the point of the Liberal Democrats? Watch it HERE.


Anonymous said...

Is that the Mark Oaten that instantly springs to mind?

Anonymous said...

Iain, It may be something to do with Blogger - but comments I made in response to your blog about Ming Campbell have not appeared. Odd.

Anonymous said...

Excellent interview. By the way, if Labour and Conservative are level in the polls, under FPTP Labour should have a working majority. The voting system penalises you Iain.

Mark's book will sell well if the electoral maths is interesting.

Tapestry said...

Would Lib Dem sympathies extend to going so far as an electoral pact with the Conservatives?

Probably not with Ming as leader! But Nick Clegg?

Scipio said...

he should cross the floor and join the party which he has for so long been most suited too - the Conservatives. I told him this in 1997 when he came to address the Liberal Democrats at Essex University. He just just hummed and herred and blustered.

He is a genuinely decent guy - despite everything!

Anonymous said...

Mark Oaten & Jasmine Alibaba Broon? Why on earth would any normal decent human being want to read anything from these two? Ghastly individuals.

Tapestry said...

what about belgium?

the flemish right wing party won the election 85 days ago, and have failed ever since to form any coalition with any other parties.

belgium is literally stuck without any government.

the flemish party wants to break up the country and dump the french section which they feel is full of corruption and hopelessness.

Belgian police are no longer allowed to carry guns home and are becoming vulnerable to threats from criminals.

They are finding it impossible to cope with the stresses they are being put under, and many are committing suicide.

The country is riddled with corruption, and has an appalling record of paedophile abduction. This of course is where Britain is now governed from - a country without a government.

Anonymous said...

Tapesty, I'm afraid that you are confusing the Flemish christian democrats, who won the elections, but don't want to break up the country, with Flemish Interest party, which wants to break up the country, and improved its performance in the elections, but came far from winning them.