Monday, October 25, 2010

Interviewing Peter Mandelson

On Wednesday I shall be interviewing Lord Mandelson for my next 'In Conversation' interview for Total Politics. As usual, if you've got suggestions for what I might ask him, do feel free to leave a comment.


Oberon Houston said...

When Mandelson emailed a reply to Derek Draper (those ones that were leaked), he began by saying "Hi, I am in North Africa..." - ask hm where in North Africa he meant... Full email below...

From: Peter Mandelson
To: Derek Draper
Sent: Saturday, 10 May, 2008 8:35:38 PM
Subject: Re:

Hello, I am in north Africa. What has Cherie said today, where ?! Trailing yet another book ?
I am not sure whatever happened to Roy. Why did he turn against Tony ? Perhaps it was the early endorsement by the Gang of Four that discombobulated him. At least he cannot be accused of following fashion, as he sort of invented it.
What would be the credo of the foundation ? When you stripped away the rhetoric, I do not think it would be different from the tenets of New Labour: economic stability/fiscal rules; public services investment and reform; income and opportunity re distribution to the poor; internationalism thru Europe and atlantic alliance.
On the other hand, we are going to need quite a few foundations to keep the party looking forward after the next election.
love peter


Not a sheep said...

Here's a few questions that I wanted to pose to Peter Mandelson in October 2008, perhaps yuou could oblige:

1. If Peter Mandelson has to "uphold the interests of the European Communities" in order to receive his enormous EU pension then is he liable to act against the interests of the UK in order to safeguard his financial future?

6. If his pension does not start paying out until he is 60 then is his pension at risk if he defies the EU between now and then?

Mind you I doubt that it matters what you ask Peter Mandelson, the chances of getting a straight answer are all but nil.

Jane said...

1. Why did he return to government to prop up a man who was not popular in the country and who ousted Tony Blair?
2. Why did he persuade members of the Cabinet not to remove GB?
3. Why did he provide a loan to Sheffield Forgemasters and yet write in his book that the government were spending too much before the election?
4. Is he angry that he has been turned into some sort of villain again which is not fair?
5. I am devastated that David Miliband did not become leader. Is he and does he think Ed Miliband is up to the job?
6. Why is the present labour party denying their part in the huge deficit?
7. Does he feel guilty at receiving 2 years resettlement allowance of some £8,000 a month from the EU?
8. Does he intend to become a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing. It seems to be doing Ann Widdecombe no harm and she can not move.
9. Does he get on with the buffoon Neil Kinnock who has got his party back but it may be in the wilderness for years?
10. What are his plans for the future as it is obvious that the new leader has distanced himself from the successful party grandees from the past?
11. I still admire him......


strapworld said...

would you accept a role if Cameron and the coalition government were to offer you one?

do you think a coalition government is good for politics?

do you agree with a change to the voting system?

have you any regrets at all over the way new labour has ended?

Do you consider david cameron a conservative or a liberal?

Can you see the eventual breakup of the EU?

If not, are we heading for the United states of Europe and do you favour that direction?

Whatever happenned to your labrador?

Grand_Inquisitor said...

His book 'The Third Man' makes interesting reading, but is it a novel or a true autobiography?

Michael Heaver said...

Does he think its right that someone unelected such as himself had such power as an EU Commissioner and then later as a chief Labour figure?

Unknown said...

As we get older, we all change in many ways. You, and many of your former colleagues, made a striking movement from various shades of hard left to where you stood from 1997. How do you account for that, given that many retain their political beliefs and loyalties for a lifetime?

Hackney Central Labour said...

Your intervention, along with that of Tony Blair's, during the Labour leadership contest was seen to have done significant damage to the prospects of David Miliband.

Do you agree with that analysis?

Unsworth said...

Didn't know you'd got into publishing political fiction, Iain. When are you going to sell the film rights for Mandelson's novel?

Elby the Beserk said...

OK. A question. What did he mean when he spoke of the "post-democratic" age?

Tom Mein said...

Does he have any regrets in being party to the trashing of the UKs private pensions, and does he feel guilty in taking so much of the taxpayers money via the EU?

Penfold said...

For some years now you have enjoyed a rather special status, in that you have influenced a government, without being held accountable by the people, as you have not been elected or stood for office;(some would say and argue that with your previous form you are unelectable.)

Do you not feel that that is unacceptable in the 21st Century for this to be so, and would not your socialist forebears, Morrison and Margadale be turning in their graves squirming with the embarassment of it all.

Anonymous said...

Pardon me (and I am sorry) for being quite possibly rude, but I do not care what questions you ask him as long as you are not chummy all girls together.

Mandelson is sleazy and untrustworthy and totally bigoted to Labour. No one ever asked the pointed questions

No One said...

what did he think of the Gillian Duffy episode? where does he think our immigration and visa policies could be improved? does he talk to real people often who know the reality of the issued thrown up?

Charlotte Corday said...

Ask him if he thinks with hindsight it was a mistake to have reacted as he did when he was outed by Matthew Parris. To try to prevent the BBC mentioning he is gay implies that there is something shameful about it.

................................. said...

You could ask:

"We've all been amused by your thoughts on Gordon Brown's ties in 'Mandelson: The Real PM?'

"What comment would you like to pass on my tie today?"

No One said...

Intra-company transfers were designed to be used to fill senior positions where company-specific knowledge or experience is needed,
But in practise are being used to fill entry to mid-level roles in which the skills used are largely standard and already available in the UK.
Intra-company transfers are being done on an industrial scale

how many indian nationals are on the uk payroll of these companies?
Mahindra Satyam

could anyone hazard a guess at how many come in from India on ICT visas for these companies every year?
to be subcontracted into other companies undercutting the british workforce?
how many family members are brought in with them? how many remain here after entering on ICT visas originally in previous years?
how many ICT entrants have been given indefinite leave to remain or citizenship simply for working here?
how many foreign national children of non EC work visa holders are getting a state eduction in a british school?
how many beds of the nhs total beds in the uk are taken up by family members of ICT visa holders with no other rights to be in this country?

how many ICT visa entrants are doing nothing other than systematically moving british IP to india?

lets see if he can guess the numbers to the nearest ten thousand?

Anonymous said...

@No one. No use in blaming the Lord Sleaze. He is past. I e-mailed Damien Green, Teresa May,10 downing Street and Vince Cable about this problem. Green answered saying he noted it. But then there has to be proactive concerted effect from all British IT professionals to stop this and as well as large scale university admissions from India in UG, PG and even doctoral levels , many of them get bursaries.

Unknown said...

How much of the election campaign did you spend writing your book?

johnpaul said...

Diane Abbot on the Front bench,Sadiq Khan Shadow Justice Sec, Livingstone backing an independent,Ed miliband saying labour were wrong on DNA, ASBO's ,Kinnocks wev'e got our party back comment, that Idiot Charlie whelan saying if was your running of the elction campaign that lost Gordon the election,Livingstone saying the Unions are running labour again,
Will Andy Burnham take over as leader of the opposition after the next election is lost

Anonymous said...

Would you ask him whether he took money or "promises" from any particular companies (unnamed, obviously) during the time of the Digital Economy Bill, or was the thing one great massive flippin' coincidence. If you ask it like that, Iain, I'll vote Ann Widecombe on Strictly (if it's still on, my telly broken).

doodlebug said...

Do you feel any sense of shame or responsibility for the damage you and your nulabour colleagues have done to the country

Rebel Saint said...

Can you ask the twice removed from cabinet, unelected European commissioner, unelected Lord, unelected (ex) government minister what he meant by the phrase "post democratic age" and what he discussed at the Bilderberg group?

Anoneumouse said...

Here is a good question.

When he became the Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead, how much was he paid by the crown and for how long?

When you ask, look deep into his eyes and think £00.15p thats 3 shillings in old money or if you feeling particularly anal (half a crown .. sixpence)

Hamish said...

Peter who?

Cynic said...

Bring a big box of tissues