Wednesday, October 20, 2010

EU Shoots Itself In the Foot: Part 94

Can you believe it... On the day Britain announced swingeing cuts, the EU voted today for a 5.9% increase in it's budget. And on top of that voted to increase maternity benefits which will cost British business £2.5 billion.

I hope David Cameron will give a good swing to the Thatcher handbag when the budget comes before the Council of Ministers. Which, I assume it does...

Vicky Ford MEP has the full story HERE.


Michael Heaver said...

You either pay the EU as it does more and more or you leave. It really is that simple.

The Tories are in denial.

Unknown said...

Cameron will not take up the cudgels. He renaged on his "cast iron guarantee" and is continuing to hand over powers to the EU despite promising not to.

He could aleviate the country's financial problems at a stroke by pulling out of the EU. We would then be able to order aircraft for our carriers and not be reliant on the French. Of course, if he held the referendum, for which he gave that "cast iron guarantee", he might even be able to negotiate our exit backed up by the result of a referendum.

venganceismine said...

Do you really expect to see the day when Cameron & his ilk act against the interests of the EU ?

Me neither.

Unknown said...

It must be in all the member states interest, apart from maybe Belgium and France, to cut the EU budget.
It is up to member governments to oppose any increase voted on by MEP'S with the utmost vigor.
Cameron can use this to unite the country behind him and tell the EU to cut its departmental budgets by 19%

Grand_Inquisitor said...

I thought Cameron said at PMQs today that he had agreed to this rise in the EU budget.

What a sell out by Cameron, what a cop out.

At least some Conservative MPs are not giving up on the EU question.

Libertarian said...


What do you mean "can you believe it"?

Of course we can its been going on 30 years, the Conservative Party are part of it. Kent County Council ( tory) are part of it.

The only thing I can't believe is that Cameron will keep his promise now the French and Germans are looking at a new treaty to hold a referendum.

Mirtha Tidville said...

The EU might shoot itself in the foot but it is exascerbated by the likes of the EU adoring Cameron...He renegade on a vote on Lisbon and we are all paying the price of his failure..

LondonLibertarian said...

Iain, I take it you mean the European Council and not the Council of Ministers!