Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Toby Young looks at bullying in state schools.
2. Rob Carr can't come up with a decent criticism of the QUANGO bonfire.
3. The Tap wants to terminate envy.
4. David Nuttall explains how he voted in the AV referendum bill.
5. Stephen Hoffman shows us how to solve a problem like Libel Law.
6. Giles McNeill reports on George Osbourne's two new assets.
7. Crossfire explains exactly what the Big Society is all about.
8. CityUnslicker thinks there is still time to get a fixed rate mortage.
9. Anthony Painter wants a big state, not a big society.
10. Peter Black AM on the future of S4C.
11. Mabinogogiblog thinks the media can't handle reason.
12. Benedict Brogan highlights another example of EU waste.

1 comment:

javelin said...

If anybody wants to stop bullying it's very easy.

All you do is write 2 freedom of information requestst to the Head abd the Chair of Governors.

You need ask how many bullying incidents there has been, how many fights, how much racism and many assaults and how often the police are called. A standard form could be designed.

Then you need to publish the figures on the web. Alot of the mums will talk and see if the head is lying. If a head is caught lying or not keeping accurate figures then they will have breached their primary duty of care and would have to resign.

The head of Governors also has a duty of care. So if they don't have the figures or don't have minutes showing they discussed them then they will also have breached their primary duty of care.

If anybody had a few weeks spare they could build a website where the heads have to login and complete their FOI request.

Any Government Minister should be able to implement this policy very quickly.

The head of the school would be shamed into sorting out their bullying policies.