Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nadine is Cleared by Standards Commissioner

I'll report this press release from Nadine Dorries MP without comment, if you don't mind. Mainly because I am tied up with work.

In a report to be published later today, the Parliamentary Commissioner for
Standards, John Lyon, rejects the complaint made by Michael Barnbrook of the BNP
against Nadine Dorries MP and her use of Parliamentary allowances.

The complaint was made that the second home Nadine Dorries rented in her
constituency, was in fact her main home. The Standards Commissioner concludes
that following an extensive inquiry which lasted for fifteen months, it was not
and therefore does not uphold the complaint .

The report also confirms that Nadine Dorries did not make claims against the John Lewis list, did not claim for a mortgage or furniture, did not flip and that her claims against allowances were entirely appropriate.

Para 174 My overall conclusion is that Ms Dorries was not in breach of the rules of the House in claiming against Parliamentary allowances for her constituency home

Nadine said: “It is a relief that after fifteen months I can once again hold my head
up. I am delighted to have my name cleared. Over 52% of my constituencts who
know me were wonderful and put their faith in me once again at the 2005 election
returning me with a massively increased majority of over 15,000. I am thankful
that I can now demonstrate their faith was well placed."

UPDATE: Full report HERE.


Unknown said...

"No comment".. well played..


Nick said...

Without comment "Mainly because [you're] tied up with work"?

Are you sure it's not because you're a little embarrassed of your friend - because she delayed the report by taking too long to produce evidence; because she attempted to smear a neighbour who gave evidence against her; and because she admitted lying to constituents through her blog - "70% fiction/30% fact"?

Anonymous said...

I believe the comment "No Comment" Speaks volumes and should be left at that.

Unknown said...

Is the this the same Nadine Dorries who used tax-payers' money to give both her daughters jobs?

Can it be that she is just another money-grubbing politician more concerned with getting her snout into the trough than serving the public?

Dave Cross said...


Here's another time when it might well have been useful to link to the source. Here's the full report.

Note that although she is cleared, the report clearly states that she has been in breach of the rules.

Anonymous said...

She may have been cleared but she admits that the majority of what is on her blog is lies ( or, as she calls it, "fiction".

anarki said...

Did you read the part where she admits that her blog is "70% fiction"?

Anonymous said...

I heard Nadine being interviewed on the PM program and she said there was a lot of misogyny in the expenses issue with women MPs being treated worse than male MPs. Unfortunately, it was right at the end of the interview and the interviewer did not follow up on it. Iain, if you interview her some time please ask about this. Does she have valid reasons for this view or was she engaging her mouth before her brain ?

Glyn H said...

This just goes to show that this silly woman, of marginal competence and inadequate integrity, is way below the sort of person who should be selected to be an MP.
Just out of interest Iain; do you know who else was on her selection panel. Did Mid Beds think this was the best they could find?

Paul Halsall said...

She admitted her blog was 70% fiction.

I.e. she is a liar.

You are right to stand by your ditzy friend, but I bet Andrew Sullivan would have busted her.

Joe Public said...

Is that the same Nadine Dorries who tried to claim from us Taxpayers, a sum of money she claimed her landlord owed her?

Unknown said...

your silence speaks volumes Mr Dale

Unknown said...

To be frank, after reading the details of what Dorries has been up to (lieing to constituents, smearing, delaying etc) I'm rather disgusted at the way in which Guido, Tim M. and you too Iain seem to be trying to play this. It would do credit to the spin machine of New Labour around the millenium.

I was hoping that the Conservative Party wanted to clear politics up, but the way in which the 'lies to constituents are OK if they're our lies' game is being played is making me have serious doubts about where to put my cross in the future.

Jimmy said...

"I was hoping that the Conservative Party wanted to clear politics up,"

I was hoping for a night out with Megan Fox. I thought I was being overly optimistic.

Unknown said...

It's hardly what you'd call a ringing endorsement, now is it, Iain?
I know she's a friend & fair play to you for your loyalty, but is your lack of comment here an indication that, like many of us, you are beginning to tire of this mendacious guttersnipe?
One can only swim against the tide for so long before you'll do yourself a serious mischief. And you know how La Dorries feels about disabled bloggers...