Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Mark Wallace thinks something must be done.
2. Jonathan Sheppard has a rather funny anecdote about an MP.
3. Martin Kelly gives some rather "radical" advice on cutting the deficit.
4. Working Class Tory isn't pleased with Ken Clarke.
5. EU Referendum isn't getting the Wright stuff.
6. CityUnslicker wants to devalue his home.
7. Phil Taylor has another ridiculous council story.
8. Tom Watson MP has the cost of Labour's Ministerial cars.
9. Douglas Carswell is not convinced by EU spin.
10. Tim Dodds illustrates why it is so important to reduce the deficit.
11. Red Rag calls for an end to democracy.
12. And finally, Liberal England has Susan Kramer's Campaign video...

Not exactly riveting.


Mirtha Tidville said...

Thought it was brilliant...........I`ve been looking for a non additive cure for my insomnia...

Cynic said...

Riveting as in Titanic

Alex said...

I knew Kramer when she was a banker. Couldn't sell then, can't now.

John Babb said...

but she's wonderfully supportive of the Tories - not really a liberal anymore

neil craig said...

If she couldn't even hold ger seat against Goldsmith, the eco-Conservative who testifies in court that vandalism in the eco-Nazi cause should be legal, then I think she & the LudDims deserve each other.