Sunday, October 31, 2010

Podcast: 7 Days Show: Episode 47

The latest edition of the Seven Days Show is now online.

In the show this week we discussed trick or treating and why we are both against it; Bonfire Night and the strike planned by London’s fire fighters; the EU budget rise and whether it can be justified; the UK Youth Parliament and Connor Morgan; Harriet Harman and the Ginger Rodent incident; Gordon Brown speaking in the Commons on Monday and finally putting the clocks back today.

To listen to the podcast click HERE, or you can also subscribe to the show in the Tory Radio section in the podcast area of Itunes.


Rex P said...

A couple of errors with your story about young connor, firstly, hes 18not 17, secondly, your blog post was ranty, thirdly, you were grossly misinformed, he had never intended to fully speak in Irish, and finally you talk about the 20th anniversary of Ian Gows death, you may want to check your facts, he actually died in july

Iain Dale said...

Rex, I think you mean he was murdered in July. You are splitting hairs. This year is indeed the 20th anniversary, and that is what I meant.