Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Sunday

1. Michael Ashcroft talks about his fascination with the Victoria Cross and and his new book about the George Cross.
2. Liberal England wonders whether anything on X Factor is quite what it seems.
3. Iain Martin on Sunday lunch with the Milibands.
4. Though Cowards Flinch isn't impressed by Paul Richards.
5. Slugger O'Toole reckons an election might be imminent in Ireland.
6. Biased BBC reckons Andrew Marr soft soaped Alan Johnson this morning.


Jimmy said...

Obviously if Ashcroft gives you an interview, that's what you want to ask him about.

Good old Torygraph.

Roland Deschain said...

Craig at Biased BBC has come up with these damning statistics of anti-Tory bias at the BBC time and time again. Since you obviously read that blog, Iain, you must be aware of this. Can you provide any explanation as to why the Tories continue to take it and do nothing?

Paul Burgin said...

Strange, some of my fellow Labour activists thought Osborne had an easy ride! BBC impartiality perhaps! ;-)