Thursday, October 14, 2010

UKIP Rival Scuppers Farage Question Time Appearance

Some political parties really don't know how to help themselves do they? Nigel Farage was invited to go on Question Time tonight and cancelled an important fund raising dinner to do so, figuring that an appearance on a programme with an audience of several million would do more for UKIP than a fundraising dinner.

But of course there's a UKIP leadership election going on at the moment, so one of his rival candidates took it upon himself to complain to the producers of Question Time, who instantly caved in and withdrew Farage's invitation to appear.

So in the week in which next year's EU budget was approved, UKIP now won't have any representation on Question Time tonight.

Rats in a sack. If they don't elect Farage we'll know they've lost what remaining marbles they have.


Unknown said...

UKIP have cost Tories the marginal seat I live in - Somerton & Frome - in the last 3 elections so no love last for them here.

Tapestry said...

UKIP could have a very good run in the European Parliamentary Elections in 2012?. This could destabilise the coalition, and rile Conservative backbenchers.

Farage is the only one who could get the result though.

As for the next general election, if UKIP took thirty plus seats away from the Conservatives in 2010, by 2015 that could double to sixty. The EU could become the central electoral issue if many more seats than that were threatened.

The Lib Dem advantage is lessening as many are drifting away to Labour. A double dip recession could hit the coalition's popularity hard.

Suddenly the UKIP vote might be needed inside the tent, if the current coalition arithmetic no longer adds up to a majority.

At some point Cameron will have to do something to bring the Ukipper back in from the cold. He will no doubt delay this fractious issue as long as he can. The only effective offer he can make is an IN/OUT referendum. If UKIP flatten the Conservatives in the EU elections, that might become the only option Cameron has.

In that regard Eurosceptics might want to back UKIP at the Europeans, and send a message to Cameron. UKIP came second last time. They could surge again. Farage is the only voice that can deliver a sizeable UKIP vote, whether as leader or as spokesman, but UKIP is little without Farage.

wonkotsane said...

David Campbell Bannerman started the hustings attacking Farage and ended it attacking Farage. He was on 15% before last night, let's see where he is now. What a pillock.

Douglas Denny said...

And you -like others -have no consideration of, or are totally ignorant of, the issues of party procedure in a UKIP Leadership election which specifically prohibits advantage for one candidate gaining unreasonable exposure at the expense of the other candidates. It could precipitate a re-run if challenged afterwards.
Nor does it occur to you that this is highly undemocratic if the other candidates are not allowed on the programme at the same time. It is not allowed in other elections - why should it be by-passed for a UKIP election?
No, you are just blinkered like the rest of the London-oriented 'intelligensia' into the erroneous mind-set that TV and press exposure is to be welcomed at every and any opportunity as you are like all political pawns - totally besotted with it.

There is a time and a place for everything and Farage appearing on QT in the middle of a UKIP Leadership election in which he is a candidate is clearly either sharp practice or stupid naivety. He should know better... and so should you!
He can appear on QT later as many times as he likes - but not now in a Leadership election thank you!

Roland Deschain said...

Given how Nigel Farage was ambushed by the BBC and its, ahem, impartially chosen audience on a previous appearance, he's as well to avoid it. No-one of eurosceptic persuasion views Question Time as anything but a lefty love-in anyway.

Lauchlan McLean said...

Just who is Bannerman? He has contributed very little to the great challenge against the United States of Europe.

neil craig said...

Presumably the producer was unaware of the UKIP leadership election because, while they, & all the other broadcasters had been doing massive coverage of Labour's Ed or Miliband election they don't report the UKIP one at all.

Granted Labour got 9 times as many votes at the election but does anybody doubt that if the electoral system wasn't loaded & the state broadcaster's coverage even more disporportionate UKIP would have got 3 times as many votes & Labour 3 times less?

The format of Questionn Time has recently changed from having having 1 representative of a small party & 1 comedian/pantomime dame to normally just having a "civilian" Tory & Labourite. It may be a coincidence that this happened after an election where the 2 biggest independent parties aren't the sort beeboids approve of.

Lauchlan McLean said...

I agree with Roland, Nigel should avoid eppearing on QT as it is manned by weirdos and Marxists never mind a left leaning Chairman.
Privatise the Bolshy Broadcasting

Libertarian said...

Don't talk utter bollo Iain

During the last leadership election Farage used his TV appearance to rubbish everyone but his favoured candidates, so I guess they aren't taking the chance this time. He then used a TV appearance to announce that an MEP was to be expelled from the party BEFORE the NEC had met to hear the case ( they never bothered to hear any evidence eventually) and having expelled Sinclaire because she wouldn't put up with the homophobic rantings of UKIPs EFD party members when the other West Midland MEP Natress resigned for the same reason nothing what so ever was said

If Farage is so important to UKIP why did he resign just before the general election?

Anonymous said...

UKIP supporters are hyperventilating here! Loud mouth Farage was found in a scrap heap of a plane wreck, when his deluded air stunt went wrong. His patronising talk at whoever he met in the GE hustings made voters hide from him. He gave up electioneering a good 10 days before the election day, only to be found in the plane wreck. At QT, he will rant and rant.The old geezer Lord , the UKIP leader gave up and went to walk his dog in the park. Good for him!

Twig said...

The BBC have form when it comes to cancelling Nigel Farage's invitations to appear.

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