Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Fraser Nelson thinks that George Osborne is a clever political operator.
2. Vicky Ford reports it has been a rather expensive day in Brussels.
3. Liberal England gives Cameron the thumbs up.
4. Tory Bear suggests students should go back to school.
5. Stephen Hoffman has a few things to say about civil liberties.
6. Daniel Hannan wants us to start acting more like America.
7. A Very Public Sociologist is not happy with the Coalition cuts.
8. Nick Pickles asks is there a price on freedom?
9. Joy Johnson thinks the BBC cuts are to please Murdoch.
10. Mary Riddell welcomes us to broken Britain.
11.Unionist Lite congratulates Andrew Rosindell on his victory.
12. Political Scrapbook is happy with at least one thing.


Unknown said...

Who's this George Osbourne chappy?

javelin said...

I would be so angry with the BBC at their pro Labour rhetoric that I would ... smile at them.

In fact I wouldn't have cut their budget but would have raised it. Then when they had been vilified by the public I would have sold it off.

Jabba the Cat said...

Excuse me, but linking to that odious Riddell woman is a link too far.

Anonymous said...

Riddell has a nerve doesn't she.

But we should not forget that the tossers at The Telegraph pay her to spout this rubbish