Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Sunday

1. Charles Crawford on a US physicist who has resigned in style over climate change.
2. The Daily (Maybe) wonders where this fresh, new Labour Party is.
3. A Very Public Sociologist on Tristram Hunt's view of the Coalition.
4. Tom Harris bemoans the apparent end of his front bench career. Patience, dear boy.
5. Walaa Idris writes an open letter to the Bracknell Blogger about standards of English.
6. Bracknell Blog is giving up because he's frustrated by his English. I urge him to think again.


Anonymous said...

Well done for picking up on the scientific resignation. The deceit within the scientific community is disgraceful.

James Cooper said...

It's really weird how the testimonies and explanations of literal legions of real-life respected physicists and climatologists are repeatedly discounted by sceptics in favour of anomalous individuals like this guy and a belief in an earth-shatteringly massive conspiracy. That's a lot more than scepticism.

Science isn't like politics, because with science there /is/ always one side which is right,and I find it really infuriating how climate change has somehow become a left/right issue... which it just isn't.

rob's uncle said...

The Charles Crawford link doesn't work: did 'trevorsden' look at it, I wonder?

Grand_Inquisitor said...

The Crawford link still is not working. Can you help, Iain?

Anonymous said...

Look up 'watts up with that'. In any event can you not search for it independently?

Smelly - there are a legion of scientists who do not believe in either man made global warming or if they do, they do not believe in the immediate real and present danger.

The point of the resignation is to explain why the grant hunters are conspiring together.
The global warming scam is full of holes - there is nothing left/right about it except the left have seized upon it as yet another lever of control and tax revenue. The fact that the unscrupulous are making billions out of it is neither here nor there to them.

AJ said...

This is the correct link for the Charles Crawford blog.

Michael Rawlinson QC said...

Re Charles Crawford, try

Libertarian said...


Name a climate scientist that has conducted an empirical experiment that shows a) greenhouse gases cause the earth to heat b) that anthropogenic greenhouse gas production is causing the earth to heat c) that an earth that is as warm as it was 1,000 years ago is a problem.

Then point me to where the results of these experiments can be viewed and the other scientists who have replicated these results.


Anonymous said...

Another Fisking of Mann here

James Cooper said...

@trevorsden, Libertarian - I think you need to get out of your head that the left's desire in its political existence is to control people. It's not. I'd consider myself centre-right simply because I believe many of the principles of the centre-right are better for improving people's lives than those of the left - the entire left-wing arm of politics is not out to control and scam people for its own nefarious aims.

Rather unfortunately the best aggregation of scientific opinion I can find is on Wikipedia, but its list of scientific organisations worldwide which agree with AGW is eye-opening and probably correct. It seems that independent physical/scientific/climatological/whatever organisations from countries the world over are all in on the scam to... do what exactly? Cash in on the super-subsidised green industry which, uh, they don't work in? Scare people for s***s and giggles?

Scientific organisations from literally every remotely relevant field have weighed in, saying that their own evidence supports AGW. Meteorologists, climatologists, oceanographers, palaeoclimatologists, biologists, microbiologists, physicists, geologists.
Now there are some organisations which remain non-committal, such as the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, who readily admit that "Climate change is peripheral at best to our science…. AAPG does not have credibility in that field…….and as a group we have no particular knowledge of global atmospheric geophysics".

I know this is an appeal to authority, but everyone who hasn't been trained in climate science is guilty of this - the whole theory is so mind-blowingly complicated that no one scientist will grasp every aspect of it and no model will be able to accurately predict how AGW will manifest itself. All we know is the trend - hotter.

You could also say that the Wikipedia article is written by paid-up scammers and I'll make no claims about the validity of individual elements of the article, but a few references I've checked come out alright.

Global warming is real, which is a shame, and I see no way of combatting it which doesn't infringe on individual economic freedom in some way and come off as bossy. It's a problem, but to claim it isn't happening is absurd.

wild said...

"I think you need to get out of your head that the Left's desire in its political existence is to control people. It's not."

You make Jimmy look intelligent.