Friday, September 03, 2010

Top 30 Councillor Blogs

Today Total Politics announces the top 30 Councillor blogs.

Here's the Top Ten, but click HERE to see the full list...

1 (1) Luke Akehurst
2 (4) Paul Scully
3 (3) Richard Willis
4 (5) Steve Tierney
5 (29) A Lanson Boy
6 (6) Bob Piper
7 From One End of Kent
8 (11) Cllr Tim Blog
9 (16) Fraser Macpherson
10 Rupert Read
If your blog is one of the ones featured above, please feel free to put the following button in your sidebar and link it through to this post:

This list is the result of more than 2,200 people who voted in the Total Politics Annual Blog Poll during the second half of July.

Click on the blog to visit it.

All these lists, together with articles from leading blog commentators, will be published in the TOTAL POLITICS GUIDE TO POLITICAL BLOGGING, in association with APCO Worldwide. It will be published in October at £14.99. You can preorder your copy HERE.

COMING NEXT: Top 30 MP blogs

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