Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunny & Iain on Ed

If you'd like to listen to an 18 minute conversation recorded this afternoon by the nice people from Tweetminster between me and Sunny Hundal from Liberal Conspiracy on the Ed Miliband leadership issue, click below. Or you could stick needles in your eyes. Up to you.



Will said...

If Sunny's right, and Ed Miliband won't be all "attack attack attack", then this, irrespective of party politics, will be a win for the new politics.

Tapestry said...

Nick Clegg interview technique was apt criticism. Not enough use of humour.

Miliband's the same, this looks like becoming a boring season.

Cameron seems to appear far less often than the others. He will seem like a breath of fresh air when he does.

Sunny's voice is a little bit whiny to listen to, which he can't help, but he's also scattergun pulling lots of mini points together in the hope they add up to enough ballast to carry his arguments. That's not easy to follow even if he's right.

It seems like attack politics will be taking a back seat all round from the tone, and lots of complicated waffle will be taking over.

It could be 2015 before the issues become stark and new battlegrounds form. These will be long years of uncertain manoeuvers, with economic events taking over from the political.

The drawing of the curtain over New Labour is a funereal moment. No one can bear to mention the corpse, which is being shuffled off unloved to a pauper's grave.

Anonymous said...

I may be being cruel and cheap - but this sunny guy does not sound the sharpest knife in the box. He thinks Ed Balls is clever for starters.

Its not as if he is saying Balls is clever to come up with some vaguely plausible (but knowingly facetious) line to attack the cuts.
He thinks the argument is right.

no longer anonymous said...

Only heard the first few minutes but it was interesting to hear Hundal for the first time - he came across as fairly reasonably as opposed to the partisan rantings one usually finds on his blog.

Newmania said...

The fact that Red Ed is supported by renta gob Hundal is all you need to know.Saying that sometimes he does agree with Fraser Nelson

Secondly, Ed has to show he cannot be defined and shaped by his supporters and critics. This might require some making some very clear centrist noises (maybe even picking a minor fight with the unions)..
Sunny ( Politics is war) Hundal

There will be come confected "row" with the unions, so he can be seen to be standing up to his paymasters. Also he has spent the last few months pitching to the Labour selectorate -.....But at the end of the day, the GMB
gave him £28k and Unite £100,000.....

Fraser Nelson

I have a feeling about those two ...

PS Red Ed finds Red Ed tiresome so I am moving on:
The ruby booby?
The vermillion vote loser
The magenta marionette
The rufescent pubescent
The scarlet harlot
The rosie Floozie