Thursday, September 30, 2010

Doctor Dale?

I was intrigued to see the blog headline: BBC LEAK: IAIN DALE TO APPEAR IN DOCTOR WHO.
I always fancied myself as The Master. Or Davros.
Mark Pack has more HERE. Or perhaps less.
Graphic courtesy of London Spin.


The Red Planet said...

If I read that Tom Harris has had a heart attack I will know who to blame.

Unknown said...

You're just encouraging him! He's going to get lots of hits now - and there is nothing interesting there:-)

Anonymous said...

You won't be the only one to suddenly vanish!!!! :(

Paul Burgin said...

The Master I can totally get, given your membership of the Conservative Party ;-)

Matt said...

You'd have to change your name to Jim, eh, Iain?

(Ask an older colleague or relative. They'll tell you!)