Sunday, September 19, 2010

Podcast: 7 Days Show: Episode 41

The latest edition of the Seven Days Show is now online.

In the show this week we spoke about the possibility of an electoral pact as suggested by Nick Boles; Lord Ashcroft’s new book and whether he will remain involved in politics; whether collective responsibility applies to Lib Dem Ministers; if not having a Queen’s Speech next year is undemocratic; whether fixed term Parliaments are a good thing; whether Andy Burnham spoke the truth about cuts on Question Time this week; who will win the Labour leadership election; whether tax avoidance is bad; thoughts on the visit of the Pope; my new LBC job; and when my Conference party is.

Also don’t miss the exclusive story of the attacking squirrels and speculation about a certain politician and their knickers.

To listen to the podcast click HERE, or you can also subscribe to the show in the Tory Radio section in the podcast area of Itunes.

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