Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Thoughts of Edkita Milischev

Dizzy has some thoughts on Edkita Milischev's speech this afternoon.


Paul Burgin said...

Er not a good comparison when you notice that actually, Khrushchev did not denounce Lenin or Leninism, only Stalin.
I can understand why the Conservatives want to paint red all over this (after all a desire to have an early 80's rematch when you have a coalition that could fracture must be desirable) , but have we seen denunciation after denunciation of the previous Labour government on the stage, have we seen former cabinet ministers criticise each other at fringe meetings a la Shirley Williams and Tony Benn, slow handclaps over appeals for unity, all of which happened at the 1980 Labour Party Conference when Labour really did lurch to the left!
Denis Healey, himself someone who was unafraid with fist-fights with the unions and was hardly on the hard left, stated on Saturday that the unions, and the left were not what they once were, plus consider that many on the right-wing of the Labour Party had Ed Miliband as their second or third choice. Would that really have happened had Miliband been seen as a Marxist?!? I appreciate, as I have said, that the Conservatives like an unelectable and left-run Labour Party, but it won't work (look at the latest Polls) and anyone who believes it clearly does not understand Labour or it's history

Tapestry said...

He means like this....


Nick said...

Oh dear. Please tell me this posting (i.e. the posting of the ridiculous phrase "Edkita Milischev") was simply down to your over-zealous new Assistant?

Daedalus X. Parrot said...

Bedtime Stories With the Millibands

The scene starts in a leafy, well-to-do street in the fashionable part of Primrose Hill. It is early evening and inside a large house, Ma Milliband (known as Marion Kozak in her local progressive Marxist cooperative collective) is reading a bedtime story.

The sound of a child's music box can be heard playing some dissonant, atonal, Marxist-inspired "tune" and two earnest boys are in bed listening attentively to their mother ...

... and the peoples' warrior Gordon-the-Brown did bravely battle the big bad many-headed democratic monster but he was slain in a cowardly way by the nasty, capitalist, racist quislings.

There was great sorrow in La-La-Lab-Land and the good people of the Socialist tribe and the Tradunion tribe and the Internationalprogressivemarxist tribe and the Beebeecee tribe did rent their clothes and gnash their teeth at such terrible news ...

Oh Mummeeee, Mummeee, that is a very sad story, it reminds me of that tale you told us about poor old peoples' hero Pol Pot. But please Mummee, I must know, do you still love me?

Oh, my little bananakin, you are Mummy's special little banana and I shall always consider you in a special way. Here's a kiss from Mummy.

[sloppy wet kissing sound]

Mummee, Mummee you still love me don't you? I am the new gang leader now, so you must love me more than David.

Aaah, my little Red-Edikins. You are my favourite little progressive Marxist Leninist social democrat. Here let me give you a hug.

Mummee, Mummee it's not fair! Today, Ed's friends, those stupid fat bullies Derek Simpson and Charlie Whelan rigged the Labour gang election at school and ... and (sob) ... and ... he got them to beat me up. Boo hoo waaaahh. It's really unfair, I want to own a left of centre progressive Marxist gang.

Oh my poor little Bananakins don't cry. You must realise that there is no such thing as ownership but only responsible social democratic collective decision making and management by the workers' representatives. No-one "owns" a gang.

Now Redikins, say sorry to Bananakins for not following the agreed progressive social democratic procedures for the selection of the peoples' representatives.


Read the rest here in this exclusive illustrated report:

    Bedtime Stories With the Millibands