Friday, September 10, 2010

Boris's E-Campaign Launches

As expected, Boris just told Nick Ferrari he will be running again. His team haven't wasted time launching his campaign website, which you can visit HERE.

You can follow his campaign on Twitter HERE (I was his first follower!) or join his Facebook Group HERE.

There. That's the end of my bit of Boris PR.


Red Rag said...

"There. That's the end of my bit of Boris PR."

Is that a promise?

If only.

Weygand said...

Current Mayor to run for re-election Shock.

And did anybody for one moment ever think he would do otherwise?

Save for becoming PM (for which there is no current vacancy - a role will always elude him),there is no alternative position that would have satisfied his ego.

Despite the frenzy which the BBC seem to be trying to whip up about the was he/was he not going to stand (see the ever more dire Today programme), the announcement is merely confirmation of the bleeding obvious.

Salmondnet said...

Bit of a mixed blessing for the Tories this one. In a London with a post war immigrant population of approaching 50% and rising it will do Boris no harm to be identified as the pro-immigration (both legal and illegal) candidate, but in most of the rest of the country it may not do the Tories much good to be identified with Boris. He really should be standing as the candidate for the Johnson party.

Simon said...

I note his website has no details of the policies he actually stood on at the last election.

Considering how many promises he made have been broken perhaps that is not that surprising.

Anyhow these are what he promised Londoners back in 2008