Monday, September 20, 2010

Inside the Minds of Labour Politicians

More from Chris Mullin's unputdownable diaries...

"This evening, as I was departing, I ran into Chief whip Nick Brown. 'Between you and me,' I said, given that we are going to lose the election, we ought to be planting a few booby traps.' I had in mind a few modest measures such as the election of select committee chairmen.

'I think we've done that with the PSBR,' replied Nick, smiling wickedly."

Shameless. Utterly shameless.


Anonymous said...

This aligns with the comments by Lord Ashcroft made today on LBC with NF. Ashcroft said (my words) that no new potential labour leader really wanted a coalition with the LibDems. The clear implication was the debt was so bad they did not want to be in power to clear up the mess.

Anonymous said...

Indeed Labour always end up caring little about how big a debt they leave. the just attack the next govt for clearing it up.

Labour just have no discipline when it comes to spending. they are like children in a candy shop, delirious with spending other peoples money and caring little for where it comes from.

Mirtha Tidville said...

If its true, it really shouldnt surprise anyone. Thats the way tribal politics works.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

What Nick Brown and others seemed to forget is that they were elected servants of the people, who enjoyed a highly priviledged position in return for serving their country.

Except that, they never saw it that way, did they? They saw it as a hate-filled campaign of revenge and retribution after 18 years in the wilderness.

Well, sorry to say, I voted them in in 1997. After Iraq and Gordon Brown in general, never, never again.

Simon Lewis said...

Interesting. Danny Alexander today blamed the bankers. Shame that Osborne's so call retribution is a joke in itself

Anonymous said...

These memoirs do not show these people in a good light. This type of fiscal expenditure incontinence was not only happening in the UK it was hapening in many parts of Europe.
The EU virtually threw money at Ireland and look where it is now.I quoted from my blog on here on Friday and the situation has got worse over the weekend. Portugal is also suffering as I type.
My point is this sort of expenditure can go on for a while but in the end the debt markets catch up with you as they are currently doing with Ireland and Portugal.

Unsworth said...

Confirmation that Nick Brown sees nothing wrong in carrying out heinous traitorous actions to destroy the economy simply for the sake of political spite.

There's no chance of Labour ever regaining any moral authority - for generations to come. They are unprincipled scum.

The complicit Mullin, of course, raised no objection. It's yet another example that in his mind politics is nothing at all to do with ethics.

Brian said...

In a nutshell, an argument for ministers to be surcharged and disqualified for wilful misconduct.

Tapestry said...

It won't bother Marxists to bankrupt the country.

The worse the economy does, the more the numbers of unemployed, the more the numbers of immigrants, the higher the level of state spending, and the bigger the debts, the more the country will turn to Labour and state dependency. It's almost a national death wish.

Marxists believe in the death of capitalism so that they can further propagate its end, and a conversion to a communist totalitarian regime.

Their trick this time is to demonstrate that Conservatives cut spending, so that the opprobrium can be collected by the right wing as they try to save capitalism if they can.

A vote for Labour is a vote for unemployment, a vote for poverty, and a vote for the destruction of our enterprise economy.

Maybe the voters are starting to get it now, but with the media populated by committed Marxists like Andrew Marr, Jon Snow and others, many will still not see the political facts of life.

gordon-bennett said...

I think that past General Election ballot papers should be examined to ascertain who voted for nulab in the last 3 GEs.

Each person so identified should be fined £5,000 for each offence and banned for life from voting again.

Matt said...

Evil, vile people. Treason they name is Labour.