Sunday, September 26, 2010

One Prediction I Got Right

Just received a nice text from someone high up in the Ed Miliband campaign.

"You were the first to predict. Thank you."
This is a reference to the profile of the two Milibands I did for GQ a couple of years ago in which I concluded that Ed, not David, was the more likely of the two to reach the top.

It's not often I get predictions right, so excuse me if I feel a bit smug about this one!


WCH said...

Yes, a justified "smug point" ;-)

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Smug away old boy, you called it right.

Meanwhile, I have a conspiracy theory:

Tapestry said...

David always seems a tad unstable, and a fraction scary. Ed a tad dull. The average might have worked better.

Congratulations on your growing political perceptiveness, which we observe in your posts and broadcasts every day.

Now what was it you were saying about.......long list of lost causes (e.g.David Davis), illogical emotional attachments (West Ham), false starts (attempts at MP), longforgotten dreams (too many to mention), a tendency to defend your friends even when they are plainly in the wrong (Conway) etc etc etc.

It's Dale's humanity that keeps em all listening and engaged, his not being too slick and swanky, or being seen as the Delphic oracle. Serial failure to get lots of things right is far more engaging. Otherwise this site would have filled up with betting junkies by now.

If it gets too perfect there'd be nothing to comment on.

Anonymous said...

Iain: "It's not often I get predictions right

Don't forget that old political cliche, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, just to put you predictive ability in context :)

Brian said...

So Ed Miliband is now Top Banana.
Btw, I've never seen Ed Miliband and Dougie Alexander together: if it's not the same chap they have definitely got the Ant'n'Dec about them.